Update of the Ranks

Hello Ice Warriors.

Tonight the ranks were finally cleared and finished. Like said a bunch of people would be promoted and a lot of people would be demoted. Nothing personal just business. With these new ranks comes great responsibility. To become the largest army again we all need to step up and do your job. We must continue to recruit hard, welcome new recruits, and make sure the chat is a safe environment for younger troops.

It is time to stop slacking and become the strongest army once again.. not in 1 division or 2.. but all 3 divisions. (Uk, Us, Aus)

We can do this together and only together. We have had 2 leaders retire in 1 entire week.. and one being inactive due to school. So with the recent retirements and inactivity the leadership spot is facing I decided to move up one of our 2IC’S.

Ghost has been moved up to temporary leader for the time being. Please congratulate him on chat when you see him and wish him good luck!

We have had many changes in the past week..something the Ice Warriors aren’t use to. However we can move on and still hit amazing heights this army hasn’t seen before.

Lets reclaim our number 1 spot on the top 10 and destroy everyone in our path.

It’s go time, Ice Warriors.

~Winter is coming~

~Andrew24 Leader of the Ice Warriors

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