My Story || Completing 4 Years In CP Armies

Hey everyone, Dan here.

Hello fellow troops, I am Dan also know as Skykid, Ted, cpworld2001, bluestar10 and Destructive . I am making this post in happiness of completing my 4 years in armies today.


I was recruited on 20th of April, 2011. by a well-known person Iceyfeet12 and Gadunka345 (1 of these two, i don’t remember who it was…) I started IW as private and slowly ranked up till high member, but suddenly another well know person known as Elmikey caught my attention on DW chat. I pc’ed him about asking what is RPF? he replied that it was the Rebel Penguin Federation army of cp, I took interest in it ans went to their chat. lately on the same day I joined RPF. And ranked up till 4ic under the leadership of: Snaily and Lilstar. When everything was joining good, I was doing great, RPF faced a huge challenge, THE REMOVAL OF ELMIKEY. That thing left a huge impact on me and i decided that I will bring Elmikey back to RPF. The next day I went to the chat and suddenly got to know that I was promoted to 3ic, I continued the work and the thing which I was waiting for was there….. I was hired as leader in RPF leading there ausia division. And soon after the retirement of Snaily and Lil the waffles gang was leading RPF. I decided to leave RPF and join DW where my great leader was, I joined DW as 4ic and ranked up till 3ic under the leadership of Spi101 – Badboy. 1 more thing that left a huge impact on me was when DW closed because of Badboy. I decided to return to my home army, ICE WARRIORS. And today I am here in front of you holding the status of ausia leader.

I really didn’t hope that i will be a leader someday, but I thanks the Leadership who thought I am worth it. I wont let you all down.

“From a recruit, to a leader. From a Leader, to a Legend”



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