Mustapha just doesn’t learn [DCP multi-logging evidence]

Hello CP army community,

On May 4th I was contacted by an anonymous user on chat. He said he had new evidence of Doritos multi-logging, and would like to give it to me. This evidence came in the form of a pastebin, with many screenshots and a little bit of information to put those pictures in context.

These pictures prove that Mustapha10 was multi-logging on CP.

If you’ve read our previous post accusing DCP of multi-logging, you may remember a penguin called Candycakes4, who appeared to be a multi-log. However, our evidence was not 100% solid, and there was a way for DCP to argue with it.

Now though, we have solid evidence that Mustapha was multi-logging. He could argue, yes, but any argument he’d give to try and disprove this would look very stupid.

The red text was in the pastebin, the blue what I added.

On 30th April 2015, Mustapha10 and I had been having a conversation in a PC. At 10:56, he said that he was going to go onto the server White Out to recruit, so he’d be afk.
He arrived at White Out at 10:58 and started auto-typing. The penguin he was recruiting on was called Candycakes4.

  • Proof of Musta saying he was going to White Out to recruit: click here and here
  •  Proof that Candycakes4 was recruiting on White Out 2 minutes after Musta said he was going there: click here and here

In an unscheduled training event on May 2nd, you can see both Mustapha’s penguin AND Candycakes4 in the same room, at the same event. If Candycakes4 is Mustapha’s penguin, why are they both at an event together?
You can see Mustapha and Candycakes4 at dozens of other events together if you look on DCP’s site. It’s clear Musta is using this recruiting penguin for multi-logging.

  • Proof that Mustapha and Candycakes4 were at an event together: click here

Candycakes4 has been attending DCP events for over a month, yet is not on ranks and ONLY attends events that Mustapha attends.

This proves that:

  1. Mustapha owns the penguin Candycakes4 and has used it for recruiting on at least one occasion
  2. Mustapha was logged onto his own penguin AND Candycakes4 at numerous event
  3. Candycakes4, Mustapha’s multi-log, has not been added to ranks. While possible that the user has a different name on ranks than on CP, 99% of people do not do that unless they are a moderator or, more often, an owner.


I believe that, since this proves Mustapha owns Candycakes4 and we see Candycakes4 at plenty of events he attends, Mustapha is multi-logging. He may argue that he gives the account away to other people, but just look at our previous post about DCP multi-logging if you think this isn’t enough.

Since Mustapha will probably have no way of defending himself except calling me a 2 year old like he did to Icey last time, I’d like to once again repeat that this was given to us by an anonymous source. If you have a problem with the fact that you were caught, take it up with them.

DCP, when will you learn?

Sir Pj

IW 2ic

Note: all information included in this post was given to us by an anonymous source.

19 Responses

  1. Tisk tisk DCP…


  2. He can’t deny this one 😉


  3. LMAO DCP are sooo weak! I also have many pics of them admitting, stupid dcp *hehe*


  4. Lol Phin, even when he does deny, which we all know he will, nobody except for his precious new, clueless recruits believe him. Of course most dcp members must know, they’re not going to admit it though! XD DCP are the stupidest army, no matter how amazing they think they are.


  5. How can a leader do it? Really, its so bad. DCP always have bad troops since they are only based on victory not on truth.


  6. shame…..for shame nice post detective pj


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