New Ranking System!

Hey Ice Warriors,

Today the Ice Warriors leaders has come up with a new ranking system. Instead of ranks, we will now have levels! For example, a leader would have the highest level which is level 20, a 2ic would be level 19 and so on. The levels will go down so private will be level 1. So instead of boring names such as “2ic, major, captain”, you can now have a level! The higher the level, the more power and responsibility you have in this army.

I honestly think that this new idea is great, we can be unique and different from other armies. This idea will be on trial and if it doesn’t really work out or troops don’t like this then the leaders will go back to the normal ranking system.

Remember, no matter what your level is. We are all equal and important in this army.

~Sammie~ (IW 2ic) Level 19 😀

5 Responses

  1. and yet another shit update without icey agreeing

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  2. what lvl am i

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  3. Not my business anymore.

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  4. i like the idea but instead lets say level 10 its rank 10

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