Completing my work soon.

Hey Ice Warriors,

Some of you may know I am planning to retire soon. Well, the date is fixed. I am just in IW for this last month till the legends cup end. I don’t wanna leave IW at the mean time when it needs me. I have been loyal to IW from last 5 years (2010 – 2015) and I don’t wanna break the trust. I don’t want anyone to say that Flen left at the main time. I will be retiring from IW by Aug, 1st, 2015 as my exams start on Sep 1st (10 Chapters per exams, 7 subjects) 

I have been loyal to Drew Crew and Icey. I won’t break the trust. YOU all are the future of this army. Don’t give up. If you didn’t get what you wanted today, you will get it tomorrow. Time never stops. Show your loyalty and be an Ice Warrior Forever.

❗ The Rise Is Coming ❗


~Furious24/Flen, Ice Warriors 3ic

2 Responses

  1. When you leave, We’ll miss you furious! 😉


  2. The Ice Warriors 😅😅 will miss you


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