Rules Regarding Chat


Recently, we’ve had a lot of troops break rules. We, the Ice Warriors do NOT tolerate such behavior. We are here to enforce rules for new recruits, thus making them stricter.

Mod’s/Member Rule

The moderators are a main part of Ice Warriors as they help moderate the army. It is not a good look to be a moderator breaking rules. We will make it stricter for moderators more than members, as you all know better. If a moderator is to break a rule, they are banned and then unbanned to erase such words. If they continue, those whom break the rules will be membered. If they have the audacity to continue they will be banned for TWO hours. The only exceptional unban is if there is an event around an hour. (Ex. Time is 4:00. There is an event in ONE hour. I unban those whom break rules at 4:20. I am not allowed to ban anyone unless they are not in the army and are trolling/breaking rules after 4:25.)


Apollo, Ice Warriors 2ic

2 Responses

  1. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! SALUTATIONS IS A GREETING, NOT A WORD USED FOR “BYE”. Secondly, that’s my phrase -_-


  2. Ayy my baby Apo is a 2ic ❤


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