Become Ruthless or Become Nothing

*Keep notice tonights event may or may not be canceled*

We are facing problems.

Problems that can and will be fixed shortly.

There is always going to be something in our way, we just have to learn to adapt and push through it. Talking about it.. won’t fix it, neither will constant bickering. We are an army, we have leaders and we have members. The leaders give orders and the members follow them. That is how things work. That is how things will continue to work. Recently an owner attempted to step up and tried to take control of our inactivity situation. Doing so he stepped on my feet along with every other leader, which is absolutely unacceptable.

If you want to step up and take control of a situation that the leaders have already been dealing with for the past week, ask us before you do something entirely idiotic. I will not accept any defiant members in this army, being defiant and blind will get you fired. Attempting to call out your superiors will also get you fired. We are not here to be your friends, we are here to lead this army to complete supremacy.

I am not typing this up to be an ass, I am typing this to let you know the leaders have been trying everything in their power to fix our current issues. You wouldn’t like it if we stepped on your feet, so please do not do it to us.

We need to start working our way up to the top where we were months ago. However we are facing these constant bot raids which is of course holding us back. There is no doubt in my mind if we didn’t have these bots raiding, we would have achieved first this week. This isn’t the first time this army has dealt with bots. Back in march camelogical and his moronic followers were constantly raiding us, but we fought them off easily each battle. We need to continue to recruit and we’ll be able to out-number these bots.

Ghost and I plan on having unscheduled battles throughout the entire week instead of a schedule. That has not been confirmed yet, so be looking for a post by one of us tonight.

We all need to step up and hold our weight, we can’t risk falling out of the top 5 again. Lets prove to the community we are here to stay.

“For those climbing to the top of the food chain there can be no mercy”

Lets get to it.

Signing off,

~Andrew24 Leader of the Ice Warriors

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  3. Best.Speech.Ever.


  4. Kevin spacey died in advanced warfare


  5. Can I become a banana?


  6. Mkay…


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