Ice Warriors: Rebuilding of the greatest Club penguin Army

Hello Fellow Ice warriors, I am here to announce the rebuilding of the ice warriors. We are and always will be the greatest club penguin army out there. We have fallen slowly it might not be such a big fall be we have fallen but now it is time for our rise. We will rise, We will Grow, and we will dominate Club penguin army central. With Andrew, Cargo, Iceyfeet, and Ghost leading the ice warriors i promise all of you we will rise bigger than we have ever been. All of our troops should be attending every event they could be attending if they want us to grow, We can’t grow if our troops are being lazy. We all want ice warriors to become the best army in club penguin army central so we can show off and tell the people we are the best, but for that to happen we need loyal and hard-working troops who are willing to do anything for our nation to become the best army.  I suggest anyone reading this who is not in the army to join now while the great nation of the ice warriors are still being rebuilt and looking for mods this is your chance and i hope take it and go with it.  This is not just to hype up our troops this is to notify all of you that we are going to rise better than any club penguin army that has existed. If you are wanting a promotion i suggest you attend every event , recruit, and try your hardest if we success in sizes better than ice warriors has ever reached trust me I’ll get you guys to get a promotion if you try your hardest get ice warriors to become the best club penguin army there has ever been. I don’t know if all of you know but this is Andrew’s final army before his retirement and we will become the biggest army this legend Andrew has ever lead but we wont just rise for Andrew we will rise for the ice warriors , for ourselves, and for us to become the best army in club penguin army history. It is time we go back to were we belong first to CPAC where we have to be. I hope that anybody who read this joins the ice warriors and if you are already in the ice warriors that you try your hardest  to help us become number 1.

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