No Leaders

Until a new leader is selected, the 2ic’s will be in charge of the army. In situations regarding a declaration of war, four of the six 2ic’s must agree on a declaration. If a war is declared on the Ice Warriors, only two of the six 2ic’s are needed to plan invasions.

During the next week I will talk to the 2ic’s and split them up between the US and UK divisions. For the next few weeks we won’t be holding AUSIA events due to the start of school.

The 2ic’s and I will choose a head for the US and UK division (only 1 for each). The 2 heads of the divisions will be the top picks for army affairs and meetings. They will NOT have more power than the other 2ic’s.

Unfortunately my time is coming to an end, and I can’t put the effort in to lead IW anymore. I will stick around and help out as much as possible until I pick a new leader (or leaders). I understand that this is a crucial time where the army needs a leader, but as of now the 2ic’s aren’t ready to be promoted. If they are able to overcome the annual “fall collapse” (where armies decrease in size due to school), then it will prove to me that they are prepared to be promoted to leader.

If IW is truly in need of a leader, then there are plenty of former leaders that are willing to return to aid the army. But this doesn’t mean a leader will swoop in and save you guys from a small fall. The current generation needs to overcome this annual community-wide fall just like the past generations of the Ice Warriors. During some years we even lost over half of our size, yet look where we are today? If the army starts to fall, it doesn’t mean we’re going to stay down forever.

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

7 Responses

  1. #tbt to Albert417’s IW career.


  2. This is the Start of an army death:P


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  4. If Albert417 comes back I will be all over him like cheese on macaroni. ❤


  5. Well, this is interesting!


  6. Bring Albert back 2k15


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