For a Former Brother Ally

This post is basically a memorial for Dark Warriors.

Brother Ally. What does this word mean to you? For IW, it means an army who we were close with, an army we had a unbreakable bondage with. Today, earlier this morning, Dark Warriors of CP have been shut down. The acts of a legend and leaders have ruined a legacy. A legacy their agents were proud of. In result of this, Amb, DW creator has granted us their nation. This post was made as a memorial. A thank you if you will. Today we logged on the Dark Warriors capital. What was a cleanse to make the server IW’s property turned into a heart warming event for Dark Warriors itself.

From now on, Ice Warriors will help out for the good of fallen agents of Dark Warriors and welcome them to our loving family. The Ice Warriors will help you out and we will make sure you’re happy. We are a family, and we’re not afraid to show it.

In Beloved Memory of Dark Warriors

2007 – 2015

Ice Warriors Moderators, Owners and Leaders

5 Responses

  1. I will always remember you Dark Warriors, Rest in Piece. ❤ 😥


  2. *salutes*


  3. I was in DW they were a great army RIP DW 2007-2015 😦


  4. Very sad that a popular and long-living army is gone.



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