Champions Cup: ¡We need to improve!

Hello Troops.

I mainly came to tell you about a very important thing that we will be having for these next weeks but very fast, the Champions Cup.

If you visit Club Penguin Army Central almost everyday, you may have seen that the next Champions Cup was announced and the groups were revealed. If you want to read the post by yourself click here. There, they mention the groups in which each army is fighting against. Our group is Group B but we will be fighting against some of the most powerful and biggest enemies of Ice Warriors, so thats why I am posting this. I am here to try to encourage YOU to attend to all the events that you can and also RECRUIT as much as you can PLEASE!!! We cannot be defeated, Ice Warriors has to stand up and fight against everyone that tries to defeat us. I know as you do that we are not in our best times but Im sure we can pass over this hard times and be the great army we know we are again but its not about me only, ITS ABOUT ALL ICE WARRIORS, WE HAVE TO RECRUIT, ATTEND EVENTS, WORK AS A TEAM AND PRINCIPALLY TO BE LOYAL AND UNITED RIGHT NOW MORE THAN EVER. Thank you for all those who are helping IW, Im sure you will get promoted on a future. Finally, here Im leaving you our Group, thank you for Reading.


Ice Warriors 3ic

IMPORTANT NOTE: Leaders will be making an oficial post later on about Champions Cup and all the information you need to know.


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