Lets Freeze Things Up – Gamenights

Hey Ice Warriors,

Congratulations to holding onto Top 5 on CPAC 🙂

As you know I’ve come back to IW to make sure things go even better then ever, which is why we’re gonna start some friendly-competitive Gamenights starting Friday to Sunday right after events are either finished, cancelled or postponed. This is a great way to keep our activity and fun at the biggest of levels so we don’t have to put things to waste, so don’t forget to enjoy and stay tuned with your friends by checking on our blog or chat hosted by our owners. Possible rewards will be given our to the winners such as: Days, xats, powers, promotions, event/tactics and more! For more information just PC me on our headquarters…

Here’s a list of what’s going to take place:

  • Spacewar
  • Typerace
  • CP Soccer
  • CP Hide & Seek
  • Doodle & Doodlerace
  • Reverseban, Sakeban, Mazeban
  • Quiz’s and more!

~ Antonio960 [Ice Warriors 2nd in command]

2 Responses

  1. This is a great idea. I will be off leave on Friday.


  2. 2nd


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