Addressing the state of the army

Hello, Ice Warriors.

As you should know, IW’s not in a good state at the moment, infact it hasn’t been for months now. Ever since the day I left things slowly began to deteriorate. It’s not because of Tax leading IW. Yes, it did occur under his watch, but it could’ve easily been prevented if the owners stayed committed to the army.

IW’s gone from an army that could easily get 30-35+ down to an army that can barely reach 15. Everyone’s at fault here, not just Tax. I admit, I even contributed to it when I decided to leave a few months ago.

Iw’s lost commitment from most of the owners as of lately.

What can we do about it?

Well, it’s simple, but no one has TRULY been trying to fix the issues that’s arisen. I will later call a meeting with all the owners to discuss how to restore IW’s long lost glory.

IW will now be more strict with enforcing the new policies which will be soon announced.(It’s not to control you or oppress anyone, it’s for the greater good of the army.)

Everyone’s asked me to “save IW” and now you’ve got your wish, but if you want me to truly “save iw” then you have to follow my lead despite what kinds of decisions I make.

~Cargo Former IW Leader

3 Responses

  1. I hope one of these new policies won’t be “attend events all them time” or something like that.


  2. dang. id help but i dont get out of the hospital til thursday… ps id like to rejoin…


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