Invasion of Frostbite [Results]

(Event was posted late)

Hello Ice Warriors,

Tonight we logged onto to face the Water Vikings on their Capital Frostbite. Both armies did quite well, but we ended up with the victory with our superior tactics and very close sizes. We maxed 30 at this invasion. We could of done a lot better but considering we’ve only had 2 days to recruit it isn’t too shabby. However we need to pick up the pace and start doing a lot better if we want to defeat the current Number 1 army. The leadership is still proud of this performance and will be giving out promotions today (Tuesday). Great job guys.

Max: 25

Average: 20

Hello Chant

Jokes in line

Fear the Ice!


Yes chant


I’d also like to mention that Change one of many Water Viking leaders alerted the IW leadership that both Sprite and Trader were multilogging on a few penguins. He told us to ignore them, however you can’t really ignore something thats in a room especially when your troops are trying to get in to battle you. Not to mention several DCP were helping which is quite unfair i must say? Oh well not gonna complain. Regardless even tho WV warned us about Trader and Sprite multilogging, they still cheated (unfortunately). Both of them were on WV chat helping with tactics and getting people to come help. They did not seem to care about them logging on extra penguins.  (Pics will be added soon to confirm them multilogging)

Also due to miscommunication after the Husky battle we declared victory, but i’m sad to say that we did not win that battle. We lost fair and square (Unless they multilogged lol). Husky is now under WV control and will later be invaded by us. No worries!

IW now own Frostbite. 

War score: 1-1

Signing off,


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  1. 1st and also sweet promos


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