Remember in 2014

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CPAC accused us in 2014 of many things, they tried to stop our growth but failed and it will continue to become a washed up news site. EVerything is set, I warned you our enemies would unite to take us down and now the media has tried to as well. We will defeat everything that stands in our path. We will invade Klondike from an evil Government led by the tyrants that go by the name of Zakster and Mach, we will liberate them from being brainwashed by corrupt news. CPAC have accused us of multilogging because a recruit said so yet there is much more proof against WV. Let me show you:

Here is a post made about Kingfunks4:

Only an Ice Warrior would multi log on the same account for years.

The Ice Warrior ”Fever 20” is Kingfunks4, and I’m going to prove it.

ACP: When Funks joined/led…

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