To Chip/WV


IW battles won:

Frostbite *Invasion*

Frostbite *Defense




Re-invasion of Husky

WV battles Won:

Husky *Invasion*

Sub Zero 


Battles Disputed:

WV Invasion of Frostbite 


You miscounted terribly chip. IW were far superior in size and tactics.

Another miscount by Chip. IW had superior size by a tad at stadium, but also had superior tactics. IW VICTORY. Theres a reason why you guys didn’t post this event.

 WV Invasion of Mammoth

Not only were you guys losing for the first 5 minutes of the battle, but you also logged off 4 minutes earlier and claimed victory because you were ddosed? So what if you were hit, hows that our problem? Both Icey and I were getting hit 2 days ago (the day of the oyster invasion) Hell i didn’t even get to go to that event because i got hit offline. It still doesn’t mean you claim victory. IW had nothing to do with you losing connection and i’m sure you guys aren’t the reason why Icey and I were constantly losing connection. It isn’t us and it isn’t you.

First 5 minutes of battle

WV starting to gain size, but have yet to do a tactic after 4+ tactics of our own.

(Forgot to count akabob as WV) WV finally do a tactic after 5 of our own, they outnumber IW by 3.

IW and WV tactics almost even, with IW barely winning in tactic category, WV outnumber IW by 2.

These two battles were fairly close, but anyone not bias could of told you IW won. You can’t just claim victory after you log off several minutes before the battle ends and claim ddos, not to mention you fairly lost against us in the first 10 minutes..

Better luck next time Chip & WV.

WAR SCORE 6-2 IW’s favor.

Signing off,


One Response

  1. WV/Chip are REALLY dumb. They are just so freaking biased and can’t admit defeat. They say WE can’t admit defeat, look at them. Also, when the WV owners were “hit with ddos” they have no proof. WV logged off early and we won. War Score: [6IW-2WV]/[4IW-2WV-2DIS]


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