Victory on Ice Rink

Hello Ice Warriors,

Tonight we invaded Ice Rink against the evil Water Vikings and easily crushed them. Their USA force is weak and quite easy to beat. Their so-called US “Leaders” are just a bunch of noobs who couldn’t even lead if their life depended on it. My computer randomly restarted and I lost all of our pictures but thankfully I still have Change surrendering to me. So i’ll be using 1-2 pictures that WV took. Sorry for the mistake.

Max 30

Average 20


While we were battling them in the Night club we took a weak J bomb from their army. While they were “bombing” only 4-5 penguins were moving when they had about 18-20 in the room. My guess is that they were massively lagging so they couldn’t switch to all of their tabs to move/jbomb the room altogether. So once i was alerted of this happening i decided to attempt to crash/lag their multilogs. I decided that a E+C bomb would be perfectly fit for this situation so i did exactly that. I ordered a E+C bomb and as i did that many of their penguins crashed and lost connection. As i saw it happening i ordered our troops to move to the Pool to gain an extra room advantage. This is why Change didn’t even seem to care about losing Ice Rink because half of his army crashed.. he knew there was no winning after that.

Great victory warriors!

Signing off,


6 Responses

  1. I came good job IW.


  2. I came to my first event 😀


  3. Does this mean you’re leading again, if you’re main, and have access to the site…


  4. please keep your nasty comments to your own site. Despite your efforts no one is going to care or believe what you say here unless its surrendering.


  5. I came


  6. I came # promos


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