New Leadership Installed! (COMPLETE)

I’ll be introducing myself as the new addition to the current Ice Warriors leadership. I’ve led the Dark Warriors to successful heights along with Toy, Spi, Freezie, and many other familiar faces. What other armies lacked back then was an unstoppable and sophisticated leadership that treated armies as they would a full time job. With our experience, I believe IW will be one of the first to rise out of the army community’s current slump. Not only will we be upholding ourselves to our new responsibilities, we will be beginning a new era here in the Ice Warriors. 

All enemies beware.

A new army of Ice Warriors have risen.

And we stop for no one.

-Drake, IW Leader


3 Responses

  1. Let’s go, boys.
    We wait for nobody.


  2. More outsiders. We get nothing but outsiders in this army.


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