Good job.

Although there was some chat crisis, we did have a very decent amount of soldiers logged in. We also performed outstanding tactics, and made great formations.

This is a great training for the upcoming war. Stay tuned.

Comment if you came for your promotion.

Event log:

We logged around 40 troops onto Husky. After realizing we didn’t have enough online to generally fill a room, which was our goal, we decided to migrate to a bigger server. This way we are able to bring more people into our army, and have more fun while completing our goal.


Overall, good job today on CP. However, our chat is completely opposite. Most of our moderators are very erroneous, and we need to fix that immediately. Any moderators and owners who are found to not complete their job in an efficient manner will be demoted, instantly.

See you on the battlefield.

-Xxtoysolier IW Leader

11 Responses

  1. gg


  2. I came ❤ (Please promo me, I want to be 6ic ;-;)


  3. I came to event and I am Dragonic5


  4. i was here, my xat name is jordan227a and my penguin is polly2277 🙂 Good battle guys


  5. I came

    Name: Petey222
    Xat Name: Petey222


  6. even though i cant get promoted ima still comment


  7. Blazer1189, CP name is the same


  8. I came to the Event and my penguin was Cabin0416


  9. Name:Blazer1189
    Xat Name: Blazer1189


  10. people WITCH SERVER?!?!?!?


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