Back Into 2015: An IW Story!

Hey IW! I thought it would be cool to make a short little story, using the staff of the Ice Warriors! I know it might not be GET IW HYPE type of post, but I thought that it would be fun to read! I hope our younger members of IW and older ones too would love to read this, and find it kind of entertaining! Anyways, here we go!

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It was December 31st, and 11:54pm. The sky was dark – and the stars were shining bright, what a beautiful night it was on Club Penguin. Let’s take a visit on Ghost, he’s in his Igloo – in his bedroom to be exact. He was on his laptop (of course) planning out the new events for 2016, when he heard a knock on the door.

“Ugh, come in!” He sighed.

It was the razzling, dazzling Icey!

“lol hi” He said, in a high pitched tone and smiled as he walked in.

“Icey? What are you doing here?” Ghost looks up at him in confusion.

“Well, I found something that I thought you’d want to try!” He gestured for Ghost to come into the living room with him. When he walked over, Icey revealed a strange looking radio in his hand.

“Um, Icey…that’s a radio.” He spoke, rolling his eyes.

“A radio? Oh please, it’s not any radio,” He turned it on with the flick of a switch, “It’s a time machine!”

Ghosts eyes widened as he examined the so called, “radio.”

“Wow!” He exclaimed, “Wanna check this thing out!?”

“Sure!” Icey beamed, “Let’s look back at 2015!”

With the typing of the year and the flick of the switch – off they went to revisit 2015 – or as they think, it’s 2015.

“Woah, um – Icey you sure this is 2015?” Ghost asks in confusion.

“Yeah! Why wouldn’t we be?”

“Um, well…we’re kind of on the set of the TV show ‘Full House.'”

“Um, maybe it’s the new one that they created this year, duh!”

“No Icey, this is the episode where they had a flashback to when Michelle was born and their all watching the tape.”

Icey turned his head and noticed the characters acting and the camera guys recording.

“Oh……well that’s an easy fix! Just gotta type in 2015…and….we’re….off!”

Again! Icey and Ghost finally go back to revisit the wonderful times that they in 2015!

“I here thy declare that the New England will be separated from Great Britian’s rule at this instant! And this day will be remembered as the FOURTH OF JULY!”

“Woah….are we in the 1700’s?!?!” Ghost whispered.

“Yes sir, we are. Perhaps you’d like some Tea?”

Ghost turned to see Icey with a white wig cap on and a red coat suit!

“Icey!! What are you doing?! We have to get back to 2015, so we can be there for new years!”

“Okay, okay calm down! I just wanna have some fun alright? We’ll go back now – if that’s what you want.” He frowns.

“Thank you,” He spoke as he rolled his eyes.

“To 2015 we go..” Icey said all boring and flat.

Once again! We’re off to 2015 – to see how amazing our past year was!


Icey and Ghost both looked up to see a GIANT T-REX RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR EYES!

“D-D-Don’t….move….or make…..a sound…” Ghost whispered, shaking.

Suddenly, Icey screamed the highest pitch, loudest and scream – almost like a girl!

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A T-REX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Ghost frowned and gulped, and then screamed: “RUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!”

The T-Rex roared as Icey and Ghost both started running for their life. The T-Rex ran after them, and every stomp shook the ground – causing them both to trip over their feet.

“HURRY ICEY!!! SEND US BACK TO 2015!!!” Ghost cried.


Ghost quickly looked at Icey, “UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH??????????”



The Dinosaurs foot steps shook the ground so hard, that Icey and Ghost both fell down and looked up at the T-Rex.

The T-Rex roared at them and opened it’s mouth, as if he was getting ready to eat them.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” They both screamed – until POOF! All of a sudden, they were home! Back in Ghost’s Igloo!

“AHHHHHHHH – Huh???” Ghost looked at Icey in confusion, “How did we get here??”

“Well, I actually found it! Haha, oh snap – it’s 11:59!! TURN ON THE TV!!”

Ghost quickly scrambled for the remote and tuned the channel onto Aunt Arctics Live Broadcast.

“5……………4…………….3…………….2……………..1………………HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!”

Ghost and Icey smiled at each other, as they gave one another a brotherly hug!

“Happy new year pal!” Ghost laughed.

“What a way to end off the year!” Icey smirked.

The End.

Hope you guys enjoyed my little story hehe!! Toodles!!

– Candykitty13

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