IW’s Additional Term on the DCP Petition

There is multi-logging, and then there is Doritos.

The Ice Warriors of Club Penguin fully acknowledge and are in compliance with the recent “DCP Petition”

However, we request addition terms to be implemented.

All armies involved and supporting the petition must agree to withdraw from any  future CPAC sponsored tournament in which DCP are involved in. 

The above term will lead CPAC to reconsider DCP’s status as an army, and all the titles they have unfairly been granted recently. Numerous armies in 2015 recruited and worked countless hours to achieve what their did, whilst DCP was an army consisting of 5-10 individuals in league with extreme multilogging. They do not deserve to be the “Army of 2015”

If CPAC refuse to take the fight against multilogging, then we will take it to them. 

By refusing to participate in tournaments DCP are involved in, CPAC must take action against this abomination. Countless of evidence has been provided beforehand, that is not enough for them.

I understand this is a risk. But if you truly want DCP’s artificial influence to be eradicated, this is a risk you must be willing to take. 

If you cannot take risks, you cannot change anything.

Armies, it’s time to go all in. It’s time we end this plague named the Doritos.

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