The Server Draft

Hello Ice Warriors!

It has been brought to my attention that in about two weeks, CP Armies will be gathering together for another server draft. During this meeting, each army will draft servers and they will be kept track of on commando’s official club penguin army site.

Because of IW’s closure a couple of months ago, it is unclear which servers we still have. Obviously we still own enough to go to war but the fact that we don’t know which ones exactly makes it difficult. Due to this, and due to NR saying they are going to ignore us anyway, I’ve come to realize a war with them would be pointless. No, I’m not giving up on the idea of war or backing down from one, I’m simply minding the terrain. Chip has also said to me that he does not know which servers NR owns which would make it impossible for us to invade them aswell. I mean hell, they claim their co-capital is Fog, which happens to be NW’s capital, lol.

IW is obviously the most powerful army right now and we can obviously take on anyone, but I don’t see the point in going to invade an army who has servers listed on their empire that don’t even belong to them and who will ignore us anyway if we do invade them. We should stick to building up our army for now, and until the server draft keep war at the back of our minds. However, IW will still go to war before then if anyone runs their mouths and feels they can take on our glorious empire.

We’ll be ready.

~Bad, Ice Warriors Leader

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