My Farewell – Flames370

Looking back at when I had first started my “career” in Club Penguin armies, I never would’ve thought that I would become the last 2nd in command of a legendary army like the Ice Warriors. This isn’t much of a “retirement” post, since we’ve all been forced off of this game, but rather a final statement containing an extremely brief history of me, my (incomplete) list of friends, and just a final goodbye to the people I’ve known over the years.

I started Club Penguin in 2009 under the name of “Gondai”, and it wasn’t until 2011 that I found out about armies. I saw a lot of people on YouTube saying “Get on Mammoth! There’s huge wars here!” under Club Penguin videos. I decided to hop on one day and found these penguins dancing around with dark-colored clothes yelling “JOIN SWAT”. I thought they were dumb kids who had nothing better to do with their lives at first, but then I gave in and joined them to see how it would go. And needless to say, it went pretty great. I still hadn’t realized that I made a leap into a community of people that have been doing this for many years before me. I was a “rogue” during summer 2011, and found SWAT’s Xat chat in around August of 2011. That’s what really started me off in armies.

Fast forward to today, six years after I had officially joined this community, after getting my old account banned forever and making a new one, and after being in — as well as leading — various armies; I stand here today whilst being the final 2nd in command of the Ice Warriors. The precious time I’ve spent with this army — in fact, this entire community — was truly special to me, and I don’t regret a single second of it.

My friends:

  • Ganger90
  • S Cargo2
  • Reeces2011
  • Codycat282
  • Spikey
  • Crazy186
  • Bill41053
  • Dwain
  • Jerry2cool
  • Spi101 / Spi6 / Spiderguy22
  • Cul8rsl
  • Secondpengi
  • Np3000
  • Buzzeria / Riot
  • Soma Meme
  • Deliburger
  • Blizzard880
  • Stars34
  • Sodaboy
  • Sonic
  • Guarding13
  • Stare3000
  • Zack
  • Veolatte / Ziro
  • Darkme99
  • Little Jules
  • Iceyfeet1234
  • Merta7 / Meta
  • Wwebestfan
  • xSirAndrew
  • Andrew24
  • Firestar08
  • Flamez64 / Flame Guy 36
  • Superjay99
  • Mutee
  • Wyoskyguy
  • Domsamillion
  • Lady
  • Ghost
  • Badboy00923
  • Aquabluejet
  • Tacodaily
  • Trader
  • Octavian123
  • Spyguy202
  • Blueink
  • Jack
  • Aquamarine
  • Saltybacon2
  • Hershey658
  • Daisy Bloom4
  • Bolt

Remember that this is not the entire list of people I’ve known, as I can’t remember everyone off the top of my head.

We might’ve not won the last Legends Cup, but we did finish in first place for the last Top Ten. But, it really shouldn’t have been about that. People let stuff like tournaments and top tens dictate them throughout the years so much, that they forgot the true reason why we all even joined this community: to have fun. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have partaken in them, but it was silly for some people to take it way too seriously. Accusations, doxes, DDoSes, hackings, etc. were all caused by this. What really mattered the most was if had fun or not, and the special memories that were made together. Because it’s crazy to think that almost none of us know each other in real life, and we all met and became close friends through a game called Club Penguin, in which a small community full of different “armies” who battled each other with emotes. What made us more different than other communities, was how we were creative — and it really was astonishing to be part of something like this.

Although I haven’t been in the Ice Warriors for as long as I had wished to, I still had an amazing journey that I’ll never forget for many more years to come. I’ve met many great friends here, and I’m so glad that I took up the opportunity and joined this awesome family. It truly has been a an honor. Thank you to everyone who I’ve known, I will remember you all. May you rest in peace Ice Warriors.

For the last time,


Former Ice Warriors 2nd in Command


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