The End

Wow, what an experience!

This has honestly been a blast getting to know all of you and getting to spend hours a day chatting and having fun. I’ve made tons of friends and even more experiences too learn from. Ill try not to make this too long or sad.

Spending a few hours on chat.

Id like to thank every single person who has ever had an impact on me and my life or who has just been a good friend but obviously I cant fit everyone but here are a few people who have been great friends.


Its awesome to have you as a leader all of these years and how you’ve never left us for good. Thanks for all you have done!


Its been a blast getting to know you and serve under you, thanks for all you’ve done for me!


You’ve been a great friend since the day I met you and had lots of laughs with you!


One of the best sons I ever had. Thanks for being chill nigga. Stay in touch


One of the best dads for sure. See you around man was fun getting to know you.

Obviously tons more but these are just a few who came to mind first. Six years have gone by since the day I have joined (give or take) and I haven’t regretted a since moment! I hope to see you guys around some day and thanks to everyone for all you’ve done both for me and Ice Warriors.

xSirAndrew Ice Warriors 2ic

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