Closing Credits

Before this post gets off I’d like to thank Iceyfeet for allowing me to rejoin this army and having the opportunity to lead it over the past 2 years.

It truly has been such a great experience over the past few years and honestly I don’t think I’d trade it in for anything else. I can’t count the number of people who I’ve met because of this army, it is honestly astonishing. I didn’t think there could be so many life lessons that could be learned just by participating in this community. Hopefully everyone feels the same way, and can take some things you’ve learned here and can somehow put it to use in your actual life. 

To the people who have been loyal to me since day 1, I sincerely thank you. I’ve accomplished some amazing things in this community and it’s not because I’m better than anyone else, it’s simply because I had the right people supporting me the entire time. In life you can’t expect to do everything alone, you always have to have someone by your side not to just be there, but to pick you up and motivate you until you’re back on the path you’re striving for. 

This idea is what forced a lot drama in IW such as the banishment of most IW veterans in early 2015. We didn’t really see eye to eye for various reasons, and I know I didn’t need them around when I had my own crew of people. So we decided to ban them all which was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in this community. Because we ended up recruiting some of the most loyal people I know, and they all stuck around till the last day of Club Penguin. I don’t think there was even a time when their loyalty started to shift away from us at all. 

So to the following people:

Daisybloom, Firestar, Ben, Cody, Sir Andrew, Zunny, Aquamarine, Freddy2feet, Saltybacon, Boo boo, Lady boss, Totopup, and Phin. (And so many others)

Thank you. You guys are all awesome in your own way, I couldn’t ask for a better group of people. There was times when things got real bad but you all stuck by IW no matter what. You all attended events as much as you could and did exactly what the leadership asked you to do. I hope you guys all learned something valuable during the past few years, and I truly hope somehow we all stick together. 

Throughout these years I’ve met some people and somehow down the road things became rough and very tense. Sadly not everything has gone the exact way I wanted it to go down, but I tried. I’ve never been the nicest guy, I have so many people I’ve burned bridges with that I can’t even remember the names of them all. So if we had bad history at a point of time, this section is for you.

So to the following people:

Mittens, Kingfunks, Mortico, SaW, xiUnknown, Jester, and many others I cannot even think of.

I’m sorry. Some of you I’ve known for more than 8 years, and some of you I’ve met just in 2015. It’s no secret that I’m a complete asshole most of the time on xat, So I’m sincerely sorry for that. I’m not the greatest at apologizing either. Hopefully some of you can forgive me for the things I’ve done over the years, I’d like to move on and hope to be in contact with a lot of you. If not, I hope you all do well in life, stay safe and have fun!

We’ve all had our fun on this game, it’s time to move on and find something else to do with our lives. I wish the best of luck to every single one of you reading this post. If you wish to stay in contact either add me on kik: AndrewLovesYeww or you can post your contact info down in the comments. 

Some quick highlights of my past armies:






and the best for last… IW

Quick shout-outs:

Freezie66, Silv, Jack, Hersh, Kyle, Jack/Donut, Ant, Tilgen, Cbass, Joseph, Trader, Flames, drmatt,  and every former IW troop in 2015/2016/2017.

Thank you for the memories everyone, you will never be forgotten, best of luck in life.

For the last time,

~Andrew24 Former IW Leader

6 Responses

  1. them golds pics tho hnnnngggg


  2. Man l am gonna miss these memories so much! 😦 It was great being in an army with you Andrew, and working with it!


  3. I had a fun time serving in the cp armies. 😛

    (Totopup if you ever see this post #DrPepper to my Only KIK friend)


  4. I’m going to miss you bud.


  5. Just saw this post, very good post and thanks for the words.


  6. I am a bit late, and although in the past we were on each other’s bad side, in the end we are all part of the same community. Good luck to everyone in life.


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