Ending the Reign of Ice | Our Last March

This is the last time I’ll ever be writing one of these up, an event results post for IW but a closure as well.

I’d like to thank all Ice Warriors and everyone who attended in the community’s last ever Club Penguin Army Event and the Ice Warriors last ever as well. In about 5 hours from now Club Penguin will be shutting their doors for good and the Ice Warriors have officially completed their mission. It’s been a long and great run we’ve had. We have had our ups and downs but we’ve always managed to get through the thick and thin. The Ice Warriors were thought to be dead just two days ago when we were hacked, defaced, and Iceyfeet’s email ceased. We got through the impossible and finally ended off with the last Ice Warrior and Club Penguin Army event ever with just a days worth of planning. Today we logged on to Sub Zero for the last time. We finished it off where we first started ever since the beginning and I am happy to say that I couldn’t have ended this in any other way. Here are the results to the Ice Warriors last march on Club Penguin.

The last ever Ice Warriors tactic

We did it, we made it until the end. Thank you to everyone who attended the hour-long event and able to keep up with us in the last stretch of the event. The Ice Warriors are now able to rest in peace at last. For one last time,

Don’t Freeze Up, ever

~ The Ice Warriors Army

June 2007 – March 2017

11 Responses

  1. 😥


  2. I only been in Ice Warriors, and I’m glad. ICE WARRIORS FOREVER!




  4. Don’t Freeze Up


  5. One last time. I attended. I’ll miss you goofs. ❤


  6. I came, was awesome getting to know everyone and hope to see you all around one day!


  7. I was there.


  8. I did not make it to the final event. I will always remember the Ice Warriors of Club Penguin. Thank you so much for everything you have!



  9. Wow, truly an amazing ending to an amazing army. Rest in peace Ice Warriors, you will be missed.


  10. I was there. A wonderful, couldn’t be better ending. Thank you.


  11. I was there … 😢


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