Sub Zero Standard #5 [11/29/20-12/05/20]

Hey Ice Warriors!

Welcome back to the weekly Sub Zero Standard! This week, we had our first Christmas Showdown and inducted seven people into our Hall of Fame! Keep reading for a brief recap!


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Super Showdown: Golds vs Chaos

Max: 67

On Sunday, we started our week off with a Golds vs Chaos showdown! The two legendary armies battled it out on the CpArmies server Wool socks, with Flamez and Orange sending in tactics, one-upping each other constantly. There could only be one winner… and it was…


Fall Food Fight!

Max: 52

For our last event in November, we logged on for a food fight, where everybody changed into their favourite food costume! It was a bunch of fun and we even held a snowball fight (Law vs Iceyfeet) in the Pizza Parlor!

Celebration Day

Max: 57

Tuesday was a big day in the community, as we held a massive celebratory event, inducting new people into the Hall of Fame! Congratulations, and thank you for everything that you do ❤

LawCorazon: IW Champion

Shinde: IW Icon

Erick: IW Icon

Alex: IW Icon

Flamez: IW Legend

Ben: IW Legend

Regan: IW Mythic

Divisional PB vs Crimson Guardians

Max: 55

The following day, we logged on for a battle against the Crimson Guardians with our divisions, Polar and Blizzard! We fought for two rooms, after which Crimson Guardians left Polar and Blizzard to fight it off by themselves. The winners were…


Game Night!

On Thursday, we chillaxed and had a fun game night! We played Among Us, and even hide and seek on NewCP!

[AUSIA] Practice battle vs Dark Champions

AUSIA Max: 56

On Friday, we prepped for Christmas Chaos with a friendly practice battle with the Dark Champions!! There were no judges, but you can guess who would’ve won 😉

Practice Battle vs Silver Empire

Max: 56

On Friday, we battled the Silver Empire for some more prep for our Christmas Chaos battle!! The battle was super fun, and we won the battle 3-0!

[AUSIA] Christmas Showdown: Trees vs Ornaments w/ Golden Troops

AUSIA Max: 56

On Saturday, we held our first Christmas Showdown! We were joined by our friends, the Golden Troops. The two teams, Trees and Ornaments fought in a themed battle and the winners were the…


Promotions, SMOTW & TOTW

This week we had 4 promotions! Eloas, Maya, Rein and Saoirse were promoted to Staff to finish off their SiT training! Congrats!

Our Staff Member of the Week was the amazing Maya and our lovely Troop of the Week was the Ghost Girl!

Article of the Week

Once again, pick your favourite article at the end of the post! If you haven’t read them yet, here are this week’s IWNC posts:

Meme Monday: Icey’s Bar by Trinity

Get to Know IW: Shinde by Kally

Q&A: Is Kally’s hair really worth 300$? by DrQueen

Time Capsule: CPO Recruiting by Blushock

Fan Art Friday #5 by Blushock

Highlight of the Week

Undoubtedly… the Golds vs Chaos battle was a highlight of the week. But in the end… the highlight is chosen by me.:waiting~6:

This week’s highlight is Regan and his induction to the Hall of Fame as Mythic! Honestly dude, it’s an honour to even know you. You’re an amazing person and you totally deserve it. Congrats (: Lmk when ur free for a road trip to Sligo.


What did you guys think of this week? Are you ready to beat PZF at the CCX? Remember to leave a comment down below! 

Make sure to check #events-information for our next events! ❤



6 Responses

  1. I must say a HUGE congrats to everyone who was promoted this week! Amazing post Blushock 😉
    And also Golds ftw

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Very eventful week! Congrats to all of those who made the HOF! We appreciate everyone’s hard work they put towards IW! ❤ Don't freeze up!

    Liked by 5 people

  3. Yet another amazing week with Ice Warriors 🥰💖 So ready for the CCX battle today >:3

    Liked by 4 people

  4. ICE WARRIORS FOREVER!! Congrats to everyone in the HoF and everyone who got promoted! Love y’all ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Imma stay in IW forever and also don’t forget to react to our events in Discord 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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