Club Penguin Rewritten – Holiday Party 2020

Hello Ice Warriors!

About a week ago, CPR had released a mini update with new catalogs, preparation decorations and it’s been worth the wait! Today the full Holiday party has been released, so let’s check it out together!

In the bottom right corner of the game screen, you can find the holiday catalog with lots of festive clothing and a free hat! A lot of these items have special dances so be sure to check them out!!

All around the island you can find these coins for change buckets! Click on them to donate your in-game coins and receive items as the donation goals are hit!

You can click on the “Santa Sled” signs to pull up this flyer! If you click the “go there!” button, it takes you to the toy factory and bakery and where the Sleigh is.

Head into the staff-only door to get a cookie apron! Throw snowballs at the targets to help bake the cookies. Once the cookies are done you can pick up a free Gingerbread igloo!!

After baking cookies, take a ride on Santa’s Sleigh! You can deliver presents to igloos or just enjoy the view with your friends!

This party is my favorite club penguin party ever! It brings back so many memories of the original club penguin.

What do you guys think about the party? Do you prefer this one or would you have wanted a different party with new things? Comment your thoughts below!


Ice Warriors Trusted Staff

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