Ice Warriors’ New Year’s Resolutions!

In the toast to the new year of 2020, we all hoped for a “normal” year of improving ourselves. Unbeknownst to us, 2020 was going to change ALL of our lives just like that! Despite the hardships experienced in the past year, we now look forward to 2021, full of hope! For this, we interviewed some of our staff members, such as Kally, Law, Purple, and many others for their new year’s resolutions!

Lime aka Bababooey: Hey guys! When 2021 comes around, and the clock strikes down to 12am… What will your new year’s resolutions for 2021 be?

Purple: I don’t really have resolutions right now but one of my important resolutions is to focus on college and ranking in Ice Warriors and meet new friends! :rainbowhearts:

Lemonade: Some of my current resolutions are pretty generic like eating healthier and getting good grades :xd: This isn’t really a resolution but more so something I want to get done… except I’m scared to go through with it :tooshy: I need a foot surgery done so I guess I want to stop postponing it and finally get it done. My final resolution is to just help people positively grow. Whether it’s helping everyone in IW or some of my coworkers IRL, I just want 2021 to be a year of positive growth for everyone, including myself, regardless of whether or not there is a pandemic.

Kally: My new year’s resolutions are pretty simple this year. In 2021, I want to keep working hard in IW and WNCP, but most importantly I want to finish my degree irl! Oh also, I failed to watch 365 movies last year, so I’m attempting that challenge again. (I got to 311)

Turbo: For the next year I plan to manage my time more properly so I can juggle all sorts of responsibilities such as studying, eating, drinking enough water, and recruiting, welcoming, monitoring main chat, and all of that IW jazz.

Crisy: For the new year I definitely want to exercise more. I’ve been very lazy this year.:flop: On that same note due to my laziness, I’m also very messy, so I want to work on being more organized. And I also want to work on finding new ways to spread positivity to those around me. :app_hearts:

Freedomist: My new year’s resolution is to be better at responding.:angel~1:(Best one personally)

IceQueen: So… everyone in IW knows that I have a terrible sleep pattern lol :xd:, the number one new year’s resolution I have is to fix my timetable so that I sleep at normal times haha. I’m from the UK but my sleep is totally in the US timezone. My other resolutions would be to re-organise my entire room, to complete a huge essay project, get more active, and to spend more quality time with my family! Also, to make Ice Warriors and Water Ninjas :iwheart::IWsalute2::WNSalute: the best online community ever!:tlFHeartBlue: :elsa: :glowheart~1:

Waddle: So I usually don’t stick to my resolutions for long so I don’t have many. I’ve just decided to be more chill, vibe more with my cp friends, and have a fun year :cute:

Hiro: Well uhhh.., Enjoy life to the fullest if you still have time. :p Be safe always and discover new things or learn new things and spend time with your family. 

Law: oh hi! umm since we are still locked down, my resolution would be to keep IW going as a nice safe community. Irl my resolutions are to pass all exams with good grades, so I can finish this stage of college (:


My new year’s resolution would be to hopefully be able to achieve trusted staff and to be me and to love myself. :lovedyc: Ever since and before quarantine my self-care and love were already down the drain. Though hopefully, I look forward to a more optimistic outlook and for more fun memories created with Ice Warriors :iwsalute: and Water Ninjas. :WNSalute: Love you guys :3 ^-^:IWinfiniteDab:

What’s your new year’s resolution? Let us know in the comment section below!

Don’t pull an IceQueen and eat your fruits :eyes: DrQueen…

Lime aka Bababooey

Ice Warriors Staff in Training

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  1. I love the post Lime! I hope everyone gets to achieve all their New Years’ Resolutions! Happy New Year my IW family! 💙❄☃💙

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