Meme of the Week: What does “Bub” mean?

Hello, Ice Warriors! Welcome back to another Meme Monday! If you didn’t know, last month we had our huge Christmas Chaos battle, in which we were able to work our way up to the finals. Now, if you were there for the semi-finals battle, you know that we were able to defeat the Doritos. This battle was a huge win for the Ice Warriors, and even if we didn’t win Christmas Chaos in its entirety, we won the Semi-Finals.

As you know, a big thing in battles is making sure that you sit on the opposing army, so that your message will show in front of theirs. The Doritos, of course, know this too. So, when a Dorito troop attempted to cover Iceyfeet1234, it was unacceptable. Bringing us the meme of the week, bub. 

Real Life footage of Icey using the term “Bub”

The iconic line, “I DON’T THINK SO BUB”, suddenly turned into a free for all when members of the discord server began to change their nicknames to include “bub”. As you can see, even in VC, and when you were to type @bub, chaos reigned.

As you can see, bub began to spread. And it also took over leadership. Bub took over. Nickname after nickname, and spread from troop to troop. Leaders were changing their names, the staff was changing their names, TROOPS were changing their names. It was days before the bub supremacy came to an end. 


Is bub powerful enough to promote ME?


Will bub soon reign over the nicknames in the Ice Warriors’ discord server? Who will bring it back? Will we ever find out who was trying to cover Iceyfeet1234 during the CCX battle? There’s no way to tell, but next time you see bub in the chat, feel free to chime in!



the show must go on,


Ice Warriors Staff

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  2. LOL amazing post Trinity

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  3. I love this post bub!

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