April Penguin Style Catalog

Hello Ice Warriors!

A brand new penguin style catalog is out so let’s jump right into those hidden items, shall we?

On this page, we have two hairstyles: The Curly Lochs and The Summer Jam! We also have an Octopus Plushie, a Blue Boa and a Colored Hearts Hoodie! You can also buy the blue sneakers to go with IW’s uniform!

On page 2 we have some shirts in different colors! Red, Blue and White! We also have ballet shoes, another hairstyle called The Flouncey, a Pastel Suede Jacket and a Grumpy Octopus Plushie!

On page 3 we have an orange shirt, two tropical Hawaiian shirts in blue and orange, a blue hoodie, and a pink shirt!

The last page of the new catalog has no hidden items.

You will have to flip through the catalog to find these pages! Here you can buy a Bucket and Mop and a pair of 3D glasses!

What’s your favourite new item in the catalog? Mine has to be the grumpy and happy octopus plushies! Let me know your thoughts!

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