Legends Cup Predictions? Q&A

Why hello there Ice Warriors,

Lovely week we’re having, right? The summer warmth slowly consuming us in the Northern Regions, while in the Southern Regions, slowly but surely the chilly winds roaming around the cities.

For today’s article, we will be asking around our staff team about their opinions, views, and predictions for the upcoming Legends Cup XI! For those who are not aware of what the Legends Cups are, let me briefly explain. Legends Cups is a yearly competition where all Club Penguin Armies will be participating. Only 3 armies have won the Legends Cups out of 10 Tournaments so far, one of them being us. So it is very important for us to be prepared and ready for the upcoming battles.

Now, since that’s cleared up, let us proceed to the Q&A…


Given your own opinion, How do you think IW is going to take the Victory in this upcoming LCXI?

Et3rnal_Vo1d: IW is going to take home that victory in the Legends Cup for a few reasons. We’ve been training hard the past couple of weeks to get prepared, meaning we’ve practiced more advanced tactics than our opponent’s, such as our Z, V, and X swipe tactics! We’ve also practiced our speed when it comes to switching rooms, and covering our opponent’s tactics! But I think the biggest reason we will take home the victory is that we have so many dedicated troops who always attend our practice battles and trainings! We can’t win this without them, and I hope to see everyone there!

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