Why does IW hate MEE6?

Hey Ice Warriors!

Today, 3 IWNC Reporters known as Nathan, HeadChicken, and DelightedGoyal go around IW to uncover the truth on why so many IW members hate one of the most popular Discord Bots, MEE6. You might have seen them in our main chat sending hourly messages reminding everyone about upcoming events and more! Keep on reading to find out more about the hatred of MEE6.

There was once a bot named MEE6, who journeyed into the IW discord server from the first day it was created. It was, however, the start of a war.. Hate and anger spread across the land because one helpless and dejected person was not doing their job. MEE6 works day and night to keep the server smooth and safe for the children of IW. But still, some people are not grateful and point out every fault that it makes. They think that it is a machine, that it should work day and night to fulfill their every command, but MEE6 is just like a human. A talented one that makes mistakes just like everyone else. This article is dedicated to MEE6 and every other bot and stops the misfortune that people spread.

To add on, MEE6 receives lots of hate, for everything it does. From reminding us about events to congratulating someone on advancing to level 30. This war against MEE6 has left many people angry, not just from the bot’s pings, but from the haters, Trails is a huge example of this. His poor heart, broken, from all this hate towards his best friend.

First off, Nathan went around to ask some IW members why they hate MEE6.

Nathan: Why do you hate MEE6?

Penguin: MEE6 spams so much, he spams more than Jean. It’s annoying when he pings us and warns us. Especially when it’s a U-lead and we’re trying to give tactics, MEE6 will warn us because we sent too many characters. I have gotten muted many times because of him 

DarkMatrixx: Cause he keeps correcting us, and he annoying 

Emma: Idk mostly because they ping everyone and then I need to open discord and it’s just very annoying

Msflimflam: mee6’s face is too innocent, it looks like they are hiding something behind that demonic smile

These answers definitely show how members feel about this bot. Seems like true hate to me! As Msflimflam would say his smile even looks demonic, I would say most of us agree to this.

MEE6 sure does have some haters

Next, DelightedGoyal interviewed one of the MEE6 non-haters, Trails.

Delighted: Do you think that MEE6 should be removed, and what are the consequences?

Trails: I do NOT think MEE6 should be removed :mike:. MEE6 is the sweetest person alive that I’ve ever seen, so kind and funny I can DIE for this person :uwu~3:. He’s really good at cooking. He cleans and makes sure everything is organized and that nothing is lost -wink wink- He makes sure everyone in every server is following the rules or else u get a warning, duh! And that puts people in their place not to break any rules (: MEE6 is the most wonderful person alive there are. No one can change my mind and no one can ban him. If u do, you ban me too, fight me.

As you can see from this passionate response, some people love the bot with all of their hearts for strong reasons! He is also dedicated to fighting any MEE6 haters which are very brave and beautiful. I don’t think I have seen this in my history in IW which makes me think if it’s kind of exaggerated.

Trails expressing how MEE6 is the best

So that’s it for today’s article! I hope you learned about the importance of MEE6 and why they are a hated loved bot in the IW community. Stop the MEE6 abuse and think about all the positive aspects, make sure to comment below what you think about MEE6! Anyway, hope you have an amazing day. Until then…

“Why wait to have fun?” ~ DelightedGOYAL

5 Responses

  1. OMG NO, i stan MEE6. You guys need to honour MEE6 for its devotion to IW. #justiceformee6

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  2. mee6 is nub

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  3. i can neither confirm nor deny my hate for mee6..

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I dont like MEE6 but i dont hate him either
    Hes just someone in between

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