UEFA EURO 2020 Finals: Ice Warriors’ Predictions?

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – TODAY IS THE DAY! England and Italy are going head to head to see which team will emerge victorious to claim the UEFA EURO 2020 Cup! Are you watching the game? Who are you rooting for? Let’s see what the Ice Warriors said!

The EURO’s have been filled with controversy this year, ranging from rainbow bans to exhausted footballers. In the finals, we’ll be able to spectate Italy and England battle it out on the football field.

The Brits’ best achievement so far was a bronze medal all the way back in 1968, losing the semis to Italy, who eventually took home the Cup. They have reached the final four on four occasions, and have been runner-ups twice, in 2000 and 2012. Who knows who will take home the win tonight, for this, I reached out to IW troops, and staff!

Which side are you rooting for and why?

Shinde: Well I would love to see Italy’s victory because I love them (immobile owo) and they play really good football. But I think England is stronger, they are playing in the UK and have more supporters. So I think England might win 2-1 or 3-2

Freedomist: Well I have reasons to support both sides. After all, I live in England and I’m a bit of a Mason Mount stan. However, I’ve been backing Italy to win the tournament since it started and to see them go so far makes me want to support them. Considering Italy have had the far more difficult (and less controversial) path to reaching the semi final than England, I’m supporting Italy today

Strawberry: im rooting for italy because it has never lost to england at major tournaments

Diwix: italy, bc i believe they have a better chance, they took spain and belgium down and they have more experienced players. england on the other hand has a lot players which are younger and less experienced

Kirb: England because I’m a Brit

Turbo: Italy of course because I’d want to wash my mouth with soup if I ever said I was rooting for the colonizing brits

Dany: Im mainly rooting for Italy, that’s because of the previous match England had against Denmark, with the “Penalty Foul” which was a flase call, but they got away with it and won. Also they have a pretty solid team, and have a high chance on defeating England.

Al Vinestar Icewq Sisu: England because Italy are wee stinkers

IceQueen: England without a doubt because that’s home ofcourse :periodt: . Brits are taking over and it’s coming home >>>>>>

ReddyRed: italy, because chellini and insigne. e england are going to choke :D. and because i love my italy team ❤ grew up loving them 🙂(ps: am football nerd <3)

Besties, I don’t know how to tell you this… but I think England is going down. This is coming from a completely unbiased reporter. I swear. All that is left, is to wait and see! Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you at kick-off at 21:00 CET!


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