IW Graphics Tournament: Round 1 Results & Round 2 Theme!

Hey Graphics Crew!

The First Round is already over! We got some amazing submissions, which you will be able to find in another post, labeled “IW Graphics Tournament: Round 1 Submissions” to keep this post as short and informative as possible!

Thank you to everybody who submitted their GFX for Round 1! Without further ado: here is the bracket for round 2!

Congratulations to everybody who made it through. If you didn’t, don’t be too sad, you certainly didn’t make it easy for the judges! Thank you for signing up, it was amazing to see what you can create on such short notice! Maybe one day you’ll earn a spot in the IW GFX team, who knows? Now it is time to move on to Round 2!


Deadline: Friday, July 16th, 11:59PM EST (no extensions!)

For Round 2, your assignment is to create a picture that either 1) represents your division or 2) shows off the two divisions! You have 4 days’ time, once you are done, please submit the GFX to @kally#0001 in DMs. The judges will deliberate on Saturday, and the next round will be announced on Sunday.

Best of luck and get your divisional spirit going!!


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