Meme Monday: The Nickname Changing Croissant Dragon

Good afternoon Ice Warriors 

Welcome to this special edition of Meme Monday, where we do nothing but roast our former leader and current advisor, LawCorazon! If you missed it, Law retired this past Saturday from our lovely leadership team, but do not fret! She will still be around to change your nicknames as an advisor! Now, let’s take a ride on Laws dragon to check out these memes!

First up, we have a meme created a while ago by our staff member (and meme king!) Hiro

Do I smell oatmeal, carrots, and soup? Looks like Laws oatmeal soup is ready to serve if you dare to eat it! It sure is healthy, though!

We have to be super fast with tactics during our events, but sometimes, Icey has to yell at her to get her to wake up!

But it looks like Law got the revenge she deserves

Do you know the famous Meme, LawCroissant? Well, this Meme actually was first created by our Brigadier General Dave! Dave, Blueraven, and I were talking about meme ideas, then Dave got that idea out of nowhere, and now it’s one of the most popular memes! 

Thanks for tagging along for this edition of Meme Monday, where we learned a bit more about Law and some history behind one of her most popular memes! Make sure to tune in next week for the Ice Warriors Meme Monday! Until then,

Dont Freeze Up! 

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  1. Throws up cutely


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