Sunday Funday #11

Ring ring. Ding dong. I think I hear the bells chiming. That signals a new edition of Sunday Funday! Hello Ice Warriors! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. There is once again a new version of Sunday Funday fresh off the printing press. If you guys don’t know what Sunday Funday is, it’s a collection of fun minigames that you can complete and earn snowflakes. Today’s print has a new game that’s super fun so keep your eyes peeled! 

The first game we have is a fill-in-the-blank (s). There are some common phrases that appear to be missing a word or two. Try to see if you can fill them in!

Next up, we have a new version of Where’s Waldo, but staff! Let’s see if you can find the requested staff member in each event picture.

Going back in time to last year! Can you find our newest advisor, LawCorazon’s penguin in this picture? (Penguin name : LawCorazon)

Can you find our StaffJay in this image? (Penguin name: NotJay100)

Can you spot our Trusted StaffJosh in this picture? (Penguin name: jcthunder9)

Next up is a maze game! Find your way out of this maze titled “Oh no, it’s Law coming for me!”. Watch out for scary creatures and avoid them along the way!

The last game we have is a new one! Try to guess the troop/staff member based on an emote shown. The people represented have used these emotes quite often. Some are quite obvious while some are a little more difficult. Feel free to use Discord to help you!

  1. :yay:
  2. :CS_PikaLove:
  3. :nrdDrQueen~1: this one could have multiple answers!

That is all the game activities we have for this edition of Sunday Funday! Will you be able to complete all of it? If you are confident enough to finish all the games, DM .penguin#7613, TheNathanBoy#1234, or Cloudy512#3496 and send your answers to receive those good snowflakes! And as Law’s final event as a Leader was yesterday, we wish her a nice retirement and take care of her dragon Bert. Last but not least, react to the latest events coming up #ausia-events-information or #events-information. As always…

Don’t Freeze Up!

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