Weekly Recap: October 3rd 2021-October 9th, 2021

Heyo there Ice Warriors!

It’s your favorite Queen’s Duo again! (DrPotato & IceQueen). This week was a HUGE week with incredible sizes! We launched our first theme week of October: Disney Week! We also witnessed our dear IW Dragon, Law Corazon, send off to Retirement Island. Have a read below of all the exciting events that occurred across the week!

Before we move on to the events, let’s give a special mention to all our staff that got promoted:

Silver and Ramen were promoted to Staff!

Dragon Grace was promoted to Brigadier General!

Captain Et3rnal and Penguin were promoted to Lieutenant General!

Cars Takeover + PB vs HF!


Max: 37

Disney Staff U-Lead!


Max: 51

Hook vs Croc Showdown!


Max: 26


Disclaimer: QueenFireIW is an IW Troop

IW Mummies vs ACP Pharaohs!


Max: 21


Disclaimer: Sunsethaze is an IW Troop

Be our Guest Ball!


Max: 45

IW Dragon, Law Corazon’s Final Battle as Leader with RPF!


Max: 64 (Inc. Lockouts)




What a week it has been! In honour of Law, Kally organized a farewell post which can be found here: https://icewarriorsofcp.com/2021/10/09/dragon-sendoff-lawcorazons-retirement/  Law has promised that she won’t stop changing nicknames so don’t think that your names are safe Ice Warriors! Let’s see what next week brings!

 Love yourselves<3 and Live life from one high to another!

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