Dragon Sendoff: LawCorazon’s Retirement

SubZero, October 9th, 2021

283 days, filled with croissants, dragons, and name changing, but everything good must come to an end. Today we say goodbye to LawCorazon. Although… she’s not leaving, just stepping down to become an advisor (thankfully). Let’s take a look back…

Made by Nathan

Little Law joined the Doritos back in early spring of 2020, but I am not supposed to mention that. She did although eventually join the Ice Warriors because she “liked the blue uniform better”. Good choice, although… she always kept her options open to return to the homeland.

She stuck around and proved her loyalty very quickly, earning a promotion to Staff in early May, followed with Higher Command by the end of the month. As Icey’s sidekick, she then joined the rank of Leader in Training in late June.

Can you find Law?

At the end of July, Law made a bold career choice. She joined the leadership of the legendary Coup Crusaders’, an Ice Warriors’ colony at the time. We’re not going to talk about that today though…

From June to December, Law enjoyed the simple pleasures of slaving for Iceyfeet, whilst not actually getting any credit for it. The life of a Leader in Training is similar to being a Charlie’s Angel, you show up in front of the old guy and he commands you around. Want a sneak peek?

December 30th marked the day where LawCoronazon joined the leadership. Many of you might not know, but there is an unspoken rule in IW leadership that there must always be at least 1 leader of Eastern European heritage. The Lodowi Wojownicy under Queen Shinde’s reign was thus handed over to Law, leading us to the era of the Ledeni Bojevniki.

Those who have had the pleasure of working with Law as a leader, know that she is truly one of a kind. The dragon mommy is not only a chart wizard (which she fills with that massive brain of hers) but also a complete lunatic when it comes to nicknames. Let me demonstrate:

This was actually a counter-movement in which everybody wanted to confuse Law, resulting in thousands of LawCorazons

Although she’s leaving us due to being extremely busy in her real life, Law will never be freed of the Ice Warriors dungeons, in which she will serve the rest of the duration of her contract. Before the infamous “look at these funny pictures we have of you photo-dump”, here are some messages from Ice Warriors, friends, and your loving staff.

Dear Law Croissant, I hope you have a good life and happy retirement! you gave me lots of amazing advice as a leader and i had lots of fun chatting with you in dms about random stuff 😀 – Blueraven

im gonna miss you law crayonEmma

“Laughing my flipping avocado off” LawCorazon 2021 – Sirgoncalo

i remember back in 2020 with the role change with “warriors” “staff” “trusted staff” and “admin”, you and i were staff, and its weird how much u stepped up. i thought u were gonna be leader forever. DONT RETIRE PLZ remember to click on my profile to see my other platorms im inMewpup

You were one of the first voices I heard in IW and I’ll miss hearing it. Enjoy your retirement! ~ Ramenbender/Zucchini

Thank for all of what you’ve done! I am honoured to have met you and be one of your victims of name changing ❤ Continue being awesome and have fun in what ever your planning to do next! ❤ – Sour

Maybe law isn’t very smelly – Glitter

Law don’t eat me for the time I called you a name-changing maniac and a menace to society You’re a great leader and actually the first leader i ever saw when i joined IW. Thanks for everything you’ve done and stay safe! – SuperEvilSlayer17

hewo law, u r an amzing dragon . i wish u didnt retire but rl is more important ig . HOPE U ALL THE BEST WITH EVERYTHING U WANT!!!! ~ Princesspiya

Happy retirement to an amazing dragon. Law has done so much for iw and I am so grateful for her help! Unfortunately everyone’s names are still not safe from Laws name changing rampages 😦Qt Ben

You were an amazing leader, you left a huge mark on IW, epic croissant ~ Saber_Tooth_Rat

Hello Law, I’m really hoping you have an amazing retirement. You’ve done nothing but the best for IW, ensuring that it’s been at its strongest it could ever be in. It was an honor for IW to be under your leadership for about 10 months, and we especially want to thank you for all you have given us #LAW4IWLEGEND when?Josh

Much love for you and your hard work. – SteffenReed

Law! I know I don’t know you all too well, but I know enough that you are a great leader in IW, an amazing friend, and an even better role model to us all. We all love you law!!! We love the constant name changes (my favorite was the IW zoo). The nickname IW’s name changing dragon comes to mind everytime I think about you. I hope you and your dragon Bert have an amazing time on retirement island, but keep being you, keep changing names, and most of all keep being our friend (I know you will). We love you law. ~ Silver Boy

Congrats on your retirement Law. You were a great leader who always manages to liven up the chat. I hope retirement treats you well. ~ Best, K!!!

you were a good leader, Law-senpai! – Teny

From Shinde

Lawww I remember when I was a lil troop I used to be in main chat all the time and when I woke up super early you were like always there and we talked a lot :p I always felt special cus a LIT was talking to me lol and it really made me feel like I fit in there even though I was new to IW. Thank you for all the memories and all the fun you brought to us and ty for all the effort you put into IW, we’ll never forget ❤ Hope you enjoy your retirement :3 – Levelz

Law, I hope you have a nice retirement from power aboose – Lime/Bababooey

Law, real life matters more than anything, you are very much right. Please take care, best of luck, and know that you will be missed a lot! The last time I was emotional at a person getting leader rank/retiring from leader rank but a year ago when Shinde retired and now for you which hopefully lets you know how much myself, and I am sure everyone else, appreciated and loved greatly everything you have done for us here! ~ Turbo

Hi Law, I really wanna say that you’re one of the best Leader ice warriors could have. You are so intelligent, inspiring and a great role model for all of us. I wish retirement goes well for u and please stop changing my nickname anyways ily and thank you for everything.Purple

Law you are a sus but special one. Stay safe. – Penguin

From Angel

Thank you for being an amazing leader and a great nickname giver! We will miss you so much! – Aiga

Law you’ve been amazing throughout your time here. Even before becoming a leader you did so much for the army and deserve to be recognised for it. You’ve been a great leader and it’s been an honour to have worked with you. Thank you for everything you’ve done, wishing you the best alwaysFreedomist

Thanks for being a great friend and leader of the Ice Warriors, welcome to retirement island Law 😀 ~ Alucard

Yo Law in zone, i just wanted to thank you for everything you did in IW, i wish you an amaizing retirement, amaizing day and amaizing year. Always spread law and justice around you, once again i wish you a great  continuing on yor parcour. bye
_ your fellow friend, Franchisco sabardanui ~ Girofighter

HI LAW so i was bored at work and drew u this bc we both love dragons and i thought a kind of leafy green dragon would fit ur vibes (didnt have time to color it) BUT yea i hope u like it and I’ll miss u so freakin much. U were one of the first people i met in iw and i literally joined the day after ur bday so u became someone super memorable to me ilysm and ill miss all ur chaos and dragonness and fun!! Pls come visit i draw u more dragons :3Subster

From Subster

Hey Law! We don’t really know each other that well and haven’t talked much but I still remember the few times we did 🙂 You were always so nice to me and it was nice when we talked! I do hope that you have a nice retirement and relax after working so hard for us all 🙂 ❤ – Stacy

Hi Law, just wanted to say my teacher literally called me to the front today and called me the “no name monster” when i forgot to put my name on my homework. That just reminded my of you. Anyway have a good time in retirement island, I’ve heard that you’ve been a leader for more than 5 years now, sorry to see that your leading journey comes to an end but it is probably for a very good reason! Anyway have fun in retirement island! Maybe I will join you sooner or later who knows? – DelightedGOYAL

Love you Law ❤ Your an amazing leader, you will stay in our hearts forever – GhostGirl

One Piece. Love you Law and I hope to see you often in mainchat alright? – Dany

Heyaa Law!! I just wanted to let you know i appreciate you so much and i appreciate how hard you work for the ice warriors, you’ve been an amazing ice warriors leader !! Its a sad day that you’re retiring, but i really hope you enjoy your retirement !! we’ll always remember how amazing you were as an leader, LawCroissant aka the nickname changer !!! We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Frickle/FriedPickle/Pickle Queen

From Frickle

law omg !! happy retirement to the best dragon out there, i remember seeing u in the iw server while i was an ally and u were always so kind and welcoming, esp when u helped me get into my locked out acc i knew since then how great a person u are, and uve proven me right a billion times over !! it’s never a dull moment with u, from changing nicknames 94932479324 times a day, to bullying me for my spelling all the time u have all the qualities of an incredible leader, u truly care ab troops and staff and no doubt u will be an incredible advisor !! thank u for everything u have done for iw, and take care of bert!! love u loads!!Kristina

Congrats on your retirement Law!! I love you sm ❤ You’ve been such a great leader, and an amazing person for me to look up to 🙂 I wish you the best of luck with your future Please come and visit every often, I’m gonna miss your name changings sm hahah love youuu!! – Maya

thanks Law aka the ZIMPline, thanks for leading IW throughout the course of u being the leader, no one can replace Law expect Law. “I AM THE LAW” time for you to fly to the retirement home.Crazyflame

Ohmigosh, Law, I can’t believe you’re actually retiring! We have so many good memories together, both in IW and waaay back in our CC days. (imo, you always looked better in pink) It still feels like we just met yesterday! You’ve grown so much throughout your army journey, and I feel so blessed to have known you and to have been your friend. It’s still so hard to believe that your retirement is already here! Our ride never ends, so hopefully we will meet again someday – Ash

I remember joining Ice Warriors and meeting this friendly dragon. You made me feel very welcomed in Ice Warriors. Seeing you go from Trusted to LIT then finally Leader I am very proud of you Law and I look up to you alot. You are a perfect role model of how a leader should be. You’ve always been very hardworking, but you also bring alot of fun to Ice Warriors. All the funny nickname changing has definitely brought alot of smiles and laughs to IW. Tysm for being you Law we love you so much. – Crisy

Thank you so much Law for all the hard work and dedication you put into IW. You’ll be strongly missed as our leader. Enjoy retirement island ~ Zedey

Yooo law. Ive had the pleasure of knowing u for quite some time now (I remember when you joined IW in april last year)- hard to believe that so much time went by and you went from that same troop to one of the most amazing leaders ive seen during my time in IW (and one of the most craziest people when it comes to name perms). I’m very glad that I got to know you and make so many awesome memories and ill miss seeing you around as a leader around here. Hope you enjoy retirement- you deserve the best! – snow

Gonna miss you Law Croissant, remember to keep changing nicknames when online lol ~ MissFlimFlam

remembering the time where she got obsessed about feet for like 8 minutes ~ Swirl

She was such an amazing Leader. I will miss Law so so much 😦 ~ im_Jay

hey law! Thanku for everything you’ve done for IW and the help you’ve given me personally, I appreciate it a lot and all the hard work you put into IW to make us the best army I hope u enjoy ur retirement and good luck with what follows nd ur future endeavours 🙂 ~ Archie

Hello (Sorry for bad English) ~ Roman


My dearest tomato eater, We met rather recently, but I only have fond memories with you, especially as we abused our perms together. You may never ping all IW staff again with such confidence, but I am still proud of the one time you did for me. While I am disgusted that you love tomatoes and have never watched the Amanda Show, I know at least one of those will be rectified shortly. I think the times you were truly my leader were when you were educating me on cartoon characters and yelling at me for being up at the ass crack of dawn. May you forever lurk in the shadows of IW, eating your tomatoes like apples, and forcing me to watch Spirited Away. ~ Comedy

From Comedy

law, it’s been great working with you over the last few months. we’ve had lots of fun times together as allies and i hope you enjoy your retirement!Elexonck

LAWW happy retirement!!!! I remember when you first got LIT (I feel like I was a week old at that point) and when you got leader! Man time flies. You were always such a nice leader genuine person and I really loved how much you talked to the troops in main chat and everywhere. Interactions like that are extremely important. I also love our common interest in one piece (don’t worry the corazon pfp will come back eventually I promise hahaha) and you gotta catch up too! Seriously it’s so goooooood. You’re such An amazing person and I’m so glad I got to work w you in IW! I know this isn’t the end so I’ll see you around! Best of luck on all your future endeavors ❤ ~ Chris

LAWWWWWW ❤ !! firstly, happy retirement! i remember last year when i first started talking in IW, and we’d play among us or hang in vc or just mess around in main chat. fast forward a year and here you are leading one of the best armies that’s part of the best alliance :)) i’m so grateful for the memories we’ve shared together and i wish you the best in the future! don’t be a stranger!! i’m just one ping away ❤ much lovecrazzy

Enjoy your life without any pesky penguinsUgly

Law had a impact in IW, she was one of the best leaders to ever exist in IW. Hope you have a nice retirement. ~ Jakob

Maybe in retirement youll finally have a time for a shower smelly. All jokes aside Law you’re a great leader and a great friend congratulations on retirementAaronstone

Happy retirement ❤Sha

Hey Law, I had a fun time working with you while you were a leader of IW. I hope you enjoy your retirement and I wish you the very best for your IRL endeavors.F6sixer

Hey Lawww!! I had a lot of fun being LIT with you and even more fun being Leader! I remember when we were LITs together for so long and always talked about eventually being Leaders together which I am glad that happened. You’ve done an amazing job as leader and Im really proud of how much you were able to accomplish! You’re a really awesome, funny, kind person and I hope you join retirement!!Orange

Hey Law, First of all I would like to thank you for being such a tremendous person and being such a great leader for IW. On top of that, I would like to thank you for being an even better friend. You have always been there for me and have always checked up on me through the thick and thin and I’ll forever appreciate you for that. I’ll still take credit for you being where you are today (because I taught you how to use the old client on cp. That’s how you rose through ranks so quickly, through my expert advice. :cool:.) Nah just kidding, you have deserved everything you received in IW and worked so hard on making everything fun for all the troops ever. Now that you are a leader, you can join Ben and I’s side on bullying the new people that step foot into the IW leadership, they are not of match for the three of us… Thanks for putting up with all our BS throughout this past year and I’m really glad we became closer. If you ever need anything from me, I’m here, one dm away forever. Love you lots!! –Madhav


Hello Miss Dragon Law Crossaint. It still hasn’t sunk in yet that you are retiring from Leader aaa, I know you said to not cry so I’ll try my utmost not to lol. I want to say a huge thank you for all the hours of dragon fire, sweat and tears you have put into the Ice Family. You are one incredible woman with so much love and care, IW has been blessed to have someone like you in it. You take no slack from anyone and you always stand your ground and I admire all those qualities about you so so much. I first got to know when I was a troop when I played hide & seek with you, Regan, Jugdish and Josh for the first time. I don’t know if you remember but that game was sometime in June 2020 lol, anyway that memory will be with me forever. Thank you for teaching me about the importance of archives and ofcourse all of the nicknames changes, my fave one will always be the ones you did with emojis and of course: Olaf xD. I appreciate you so much, thank you for having so much faith in me and for being there for me whenever I needed it, you are amazing and I will miss leading IW with you so much. #blizzardforeverpolarnever All the best for the future, I love you ❤ Remember to love yourself too and not just food! ~ IceQueen aka Olaf (only for you Law)

It’s now been around 20 months that I have known you Law and it has been an absolute pleasure. You are amazing at what you do and I cannot imagine today’s IW without you. We have been through a lot of ups and downs, many retirements, many coups, tournament wins (and losses), heck, we even went through a whole shutdown and revival together. I have massive amounts of respect for you, both as a leader and as a person, but most importantly, I’m glad to call you my friend, someone I can trust completely. With that emotional stuff out of the way, I really do hope you enjoy retirement island, and I hope you will be warming up a seat for me, once the time comes for me. Until then, keep sending me those weird Youtube videos you love so much. Ljubim te močno, Kally

Ah. Yes Law, a very interesting individual I have met throughout my army career. Who knew that I would meet someone who simps over oatmeal and dragons? LOL Holy crap though… it’s your retirement event, I never thought this day was gonna come so quickly. I honestly don’t know what to say, as you have done so much for me and you are someone I have looked up throughout my entire army career. You were a trusted when I joined Ice Warriors as a baby troop and then I went thru the ranks as a troop/staff while you were here dominating your LIT rank with Orange and Kally. Sooner or later, you became a leader, one of IW’s amazing Leaders in fact. It’s awesome to grow with someone in this community. But honestly Law, you dont understand how much you inspired me as a Leader in Training, pushing me to go outside my comfort zone, pushing me to work hard and be the best version of myself as a LIT. You are one of the reasons why I pushed so hard to become a leader. I appreciate everything that you do, thank you for working hard for IW, and mentoring the team/me but also thanks for just being the crazy law we know when the days get low. Thanks for dealing with my crap in leaders chat per usual. I wish you the best in retirement (even tho you ain’t going anywhere) you deserve it, better see you on the IW legends page soon. Heres are too many memories as IW advisor Law. Love yah my favorite dragon – Love Always, Black Widow

Iceyfeet’s message from the retirement event

Some of you may ask, why does this post even exist? Don’t leaders write their own retirement posts? Haha, yeah you thought. Law is a special breed of WordPress-Hater, which is why you will never see a post by her on this website. Nevertheless, Law you deserve a proper sendoff, something to look back to, and we hope you will enjoy your retirement as much as you enjoyed your time as a leader.

I (me, Kally, the person writing this) would also like to give a special mention to my assistants Levelz and IceQueen, who helped me put this together and helped me contact the majority of the people featured in this post.

Now with this post LawCorazon, you are now officially COUPED from the Ice Warriors’ Leadership.

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  1. love you law <33

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  2. best post on the website, love you always ❤

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  3. There’s so much I wish I could say to you but I can’t put it into words. Ilysm Law, take care 💖

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  4. We’ll always love you law :3 ❤

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