Sunday Funday #15

Hello hello Ice Warriors!

Wait what’s that sound? Did I hear that right? I indeed heard that right! Warriors, that sound was the bells chiming on a Sunday and you know what that means… Sunday Funday! If you don’t know what Sunday Funday is, it’s a compilation of fun minigames that you can earn snowflakes for completing. This one is filled with challenging puzzles so put your thinking caps on and let’s get to it!

First up we have a fun word scramble! Try to decipher the following role names of our Staff/HCOM members.

Our next game is a new maze with a ton of scary obstacles. Avoid the monsters so you don’t get eaten alive!

The next minigame we have is a new version figure the blurred-out person. It can be a marked-out penguin name, or an erased discord username. These are challenging so feel free to use discord to help you out!

The final game is a word search. There are 10 fun words that are well-known around the Ice Warriors community. Try to find them all in the jumble of letters below.

That is all for today’s Sunday Funday! Will you be able to finish all of the obstacles/activities we gave? If you do, don’t forget to DM all of the answers to .penguin#1424 or Cloudy512#3496 to receive the snowflakes! Looking forward to the submissions :iwsalute~2:. Also, don’t forget to join and react to the events coming up in #events-information, and as always…

Don’t Freeze Up!


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