IW Storytime: Chevy Lost Her Cookies!

Hey Ice Warriors!I know that we haven’t had an IW Storytime post in a while. So for this week, I’ve decided to do what I’m best at, creative writing! For this post, I’ve written a fun story about our infamous Trusted Staff member and fridge, Chevy, losing her cookies!

“Oh no!” Chevy panicked, “my cookies are gone!” Mother Kally walked into the room, “Chevy, what’s the matter?” “I lost my cookies! I made them for Qt Ben as a gift for being so nice to me even though I’m a dorkus, but I lost them!” Chevy cried as she searched the room. “Well, did you ask your sister Purple if she took them? You know how much she loves your avocado cookies!” Kally suggested as she left the room to go cook dinner, leaving Chevy to re-evaluate her day by herself.


Chevy’s avocado cookies!

During dinner, Purple kept mocking Chevy’s gloom, by saying “Oh no, I lost my oxygen tank!” while making a fake frowny face. Chevy couldn’t bear it, she ran into her room and started to play Transformice with Subster. Subster mentioned something about a cookie thief in town, “Maybe that’s where they went!” Chevy thought, as she said goodbye to Subs. 

As she pondered how she could catch this cookie thief, DJ Doctor Queen called her up and asked Chevy if she wanted to help out at her next DJ gig. Chevy hesitantly agreed, only because she knew DrQueen’s new song was super good and she wanted to hear it. She headed to the gig, and when she got there, she searched the crowd for her celebrity, DrQueen. After she met up with DrQueen, and got her assignment, of serving the refreshments, she headed to the water fountain, and bumped into a guy wearing only black, with a black mask and hood on, carrying four boxes of cookies.


DJ DrQueen preparing for her epic photoshoot!

She thought nothing of it until she got to the refreshments, and she started putting them out, when she realized some of the cookies were her lost avocado cookies! She started to investigate the other cookies, and she learned they were all stolen cookies! She spoke to DrQueen after her spectacular performance, and both of them were equally confused, so Chevy had to rely on her family. Firstly, she talked to her son Blue, and he suggested making new cookies, but Chevy thought that would be too hard. Abi suggested trying to trap the thief, but Chevy wasn’t sure how.

She was stuck, until she received a note, that said “Meet me at 1422 Sesame St. Blizzard, 99192 CPAN” with a cookie emoji, and an avocado emoji, so she went there, knocked on the door, and all of a sudden, someone put a trash bag over her head, and then pulled her up the stairs, and when they removed the bag, she saw that she was in the middle of a party, “SURPRISE CHEVY!!!” shouted a couple different voices, and DrQueen came over and explained that she wanted to surprise Chevy for her hard work at IWNC, and throw her a large IWNC party! And even better, her avocado cookies were there, and she got to eat them with all her friends from IWNC. But QT Ben never got them, and he was sad.

The end!


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