Trivia Thursday #54

Hello and bless you Ice Warriors!

I hope you all have been keeping yourselves calm and collected for this week so far. With March Madness VII being just around the corner, it’s important for all Ice Warriors to be as prepared as possible. Before that though, I’d like to welcome you to the 54th edition of IW’s Trivia Thursday. And before we get started, I’d like to take a moment to congratulate Cat Toad for answering each of the questions correctly for the last Trivia Thursdays. The answers for that can be found down below:

1. Mogi

2. (A) Doja Cat

3. Sunday (Monday for AUSIA people)

4. RPF

5. True

To briefly explain how Trivia Thursday works, every Thursday, an article will be posted, and in those articles are 5+ trivial questions that involve something to do with the Ice Warriors. If you answer all of the questions correctly, you earn snowflakes, which can be used to buy roles in #shop.

There are various question types such as general answers, multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, etc. The correct answers get posted for the next Trivia Thursday. With all that being said, here are this week’s questions:

1. True or False: As of right now, Cloudy is our only current 3rd in command of the AUSIA division.

2. A previous week, there were 5 announced staff members of the week, name two of them.

3. How many rooms did the Ice Warriors win in the practice battle vs TCP?

4. Who’s hosting the current contest?

5. True or False: There are currently 4 listed as IW Mythics.

That’s going to do it for today’s Trivia Thursday. I wish you the best of luck with this one if you plan to complete it. As it was mentioned before, the Ice Warriors are currently in preparations for March Madness VII. Soon we’ll be back in tournament action for not only the second chance to win a tournament for 2022 but also the opportunity to have 3 March Madness victories in a row. As you can imagine, this is a big deal, so attending events via #events-information and #ausia-events-information can help significantly for us to prepare. We hope to see you there and help us claim another March Madness Victory, but until then, we’ll see you next time Ice Warriors!



2 Responses

  1. 1. true
    2. josh, infinite
    3. 2
    4. Luna
    5. false



  2. 1) true
    2) josh, hunter
    3) 2 rooms
    4) Luna
    5) false



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