Trivia Thursday #63

Happy 15th anniversary Ice Warriors!

As we all know, it’s been a busy schedule for all of us at this time of the year! Let’s calm ourselves a bit and take a deep breath. I thought it’d be a good idea to present you with another edition of Trivia Thursday to keep you all entertained, so let’s hop on to the 63rd edition of Trivia Thursday! Before I present you this week’s questions, I will take a quick minute to congratulate HeadChicken for getting all the answers correct from last week’s Trivia Thursday. The answers to last week’s questions can be found below!

1. IceQueen1020

2. Subster, BlancSoulz, Cloudy, Chey


4. True

5. Any of the following people – Maya, Eternal, Snow

If you happen to be new to Trivia Thursday and don’t know how it works, let me explain it to you. Every week, there will be a Trivia Thursday post and some questions will be given in it that will be related to anything about the Ice Warriors. If you manage to answer each question correctly in it and are among the first three people to get all the answers right then you can win some snowflakes! The questions will be in the form of general answers, fill in the blank, multiple-choice, true or false etc. With that being said, let’s go right into this week’s questions!

1. Name the Staff member who made a recent quiz named Which Leader Are You Similar To?

2. Which Troop was promoted to the rank Head Colonel in our last promo party?

3. True or False: As of now, Josh is the only Trusted Staff who is having above 400k snowflakes.

4. How many people do we have as Staff in Training (without the Staff role)?

5. Fill in the blank: This week Ice Warriors is celebrating their ___ Anniversary.

And that’ll wrap up this week’s trivia article! If you wish to take part in Trivia Thursday then make sure to put your answers below in the comments section! Also, remember to react to our upcoming events (#the-roast and #prom-night) if you will be able to attend as we will be celebrating the rest of our anniversary week and there will be amazing events with tons of prizes you won’t want to miss out! Lastly, to those who are still currently dealing with exams and other work, I wish you all the best of luck!


One Response

  1. 1) Mogi
    2) Light
    3) True
    4) 10
    5) 15th


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