Weekly Recap August 7-13 2022

Hii Ice Warriors!

This week we witnessed not one, but TWO retirements. We said goodbye and set both Icey and Kally off to retirement Island. Keep on reading to find out all the highlights from this week’s events.💙

Icey retired on the 7th of August. :iceysimp: You can find a post dedicated to it here!

Kally retired on the 13th of August. :StanKally: You can find her retirement post here!

This week, Ice Warriors successfully invaded the following servers on the CPA map:  Siberia, Dojo, Icey’s Retirement Island, Docks and Gotham.

Congratulations to Mystical, Chey, and Alex on Staff In Training!

Chezy was promoted to Staff! Congratulations!

Congratulations to Reddy on his promotion to Lieutenant General!

[AUSIA] Icey’s Last Breakfast

Max: 37


[EU/US] Icey’s Retirement

Max: 67


[US] PB with RPF

Max: 20


[US] Battle with WV 

Max: 19


[AUSIA] Troop U-Lead W/ RPF 

Max: 16


[EU/US] Kally’s Retirement

Max: 33


Thank you to DrQueen and Purple for helping with size count and to all our amazing IW photographers! Let us know below what your fave part of the week was!

❄️💙Love you all forever and always, remember to love yourselves 💙❄️

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