AUSIA Recruiting Results

Today we logged on and had an AUS event we did well we maxed 17 and averaged 14 with good tactics the event was lead without most of the owners so we did well good job.

So good AUS event guys lets press on from here.

Sam – Ice Warriors 3ic


Vacation – Jo8903

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Unschedule Training at Our Capital

Hey Ice Warriors,

Today we had an unscheduled event on our capital Sub Zero. We ended up maxing 24 and averaging 21. We had decent tactics throughout the event, make sure you guys are doing tactics on time and not reacting late.


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AUSIA Training on Below Zero [RESULTS]

Hello Ice Warriors,

Today we had a training session in preparation for the first Legends Cup battle, don’t forget the battle, Saturday August the 2nd, 9PM UK, 4PM EST , 3PM CST, 2PM MST AND 1PM MST! Our training session took place on a one bar server, Below zero and me managed to max 20 and average about 18. The event was led by myself, Funks, Sam and Albcoolio. Our tactics were average for AUSIA times. Good work Ice Warriors!

Don’t forget to comment if you came and DON’T FORGET THE BATTLE ON SATURDAY!

Here are some pics of the event (taken by Funks) :

 ausia size count


Gtudsd – Ice Warriors Second In Command


(Chapter 7) Ice Warriors: Fighting it Out

Hey IW, Raven here!

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Our Time To Shine



From: Kingfunks4, IW Leader

To: Ice Warriors Troops

Date: 28th July, 2014

This, Ice Warriors, is our time to shine. We may not have been doing the best in recent weeks but we now are going to show what we can do. We must do well at this battle because we need to move onto the next round. Everyone needs to recruit and everyone needs to make sure they can attend. Remember, there are moderator spots up for grabs for not only the people temporarily demoted, but for the members who are looking to get those ranks.

This is a promotion event and the promotion post for the month will be released after this event. ALL members will get promoted for attending this event and moderators will have a better chance at a higher rank for when we allocate the moderator ranks out on Saturday.

 Five people at this event will be given 50 xats each as a reward, one person will be given temporary owner and one person will be given temporary moderator. This event is your chance to show what you can do and that you deserve a higher rank with a promotion. We need to do well at this event because the legends cup is OUR time. Big sizes are expected and people need to recruit for a better chances for rewards! PC your friends, recruit on CP – get people to join the Ice Warriors.



The story of how Funks got IW leader [None of the story is true, don’t take this seriously]

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Unscheduled US Training Success

Today we had an unscheduled US event to find out how it went click.


We had decent tactics and good formations well done we have not had a US event in ages hopefully this will kick-start the rise of Ice Warrior’s US force. Here are some pictures of how this good event went:

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