Halloween Party – Club Penguin Cheats

UPDATE: As of Oct 27, l have updated all the pieces. More will be soon for the final items.
Hey Ice Warriors!

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Click read more for spooky rooms, items, cheats, walk-throughs and the beta hat!

Halloween is HEREEE and that means you can finally get to go inside the spooky Puffle Hotel with so many rooms new rooms you can go. Most of them aren’t open yet though…

Anyway, here is the new screen login after you select any servers you want. This show up. Pretty cool huh?

Now, when logging in – A message from Gary will pop up, he asks you to help him find his Great Uncle Gariwald.

Then, click the new bellhop green candy with a puffle on it. That’s where you can get items.

Now go to the Puffle Hotel. Skip, the bellhop, will have a message for you. Find Gary’s Great Uncle in the basement!

Go to the basement (where the orange door is open by the carpet) or go to the door that will ride up to the basement! [FIRST] Here’s all the rooms in the Puffle Hotel. I’m just going to make sure you don’t get lost. Here are all the Puffle Hotel rooms, and Halloween rooms around the island.

Room B = Basement
You heard Skip, the bellhop! Head over to the basement and turn the power back on by clicking on the switches. Hint: click the levers in order from right to left to get things moving faster. Once the power is back on Skip will continue talking to you and a ghost puffle will appear. The machine used by Gariwald to catch ghosts is missing a few parts so you’ll have to head upstairs to collect all the pieces from the ghosts to stop the haunting.
Go to the fourth floor or click on the green puffle badge (located in the top-right corner of your screen) to see all your challenges and get there faster.

Room 5 = Deluxe Suite

Room 4 = Sitting Room
At the 4th floor you will find 13 fires blocking the floor. Extinguish them by throwing snowballs at all the candles then collect your first piece.

Once you’ve collected the first piece click on the green puffle badge to collect 2 free items!

Room 6 = Dining Room
Now head over to the 6th and 7th floors to complete your next challenges. In the 6th floor you must turn the plates/mirrors in such way that the light reflects off them and into the puffle above the chimney. Collect your next piece.

To make it look like this:

Room 7 = Ballroom
In the 7th floor, you’ll need to walk into 4 different (no, they’re not the same) rooms. Simply follow the order of the arrows in the wall. That’s purple, green, red and finally blue. You’ll be able to collect your next piece.

Room 8 = Pool
In the 8 floor, simply click all the 13 pumpkins. Then you’ll be able to collect your next piece.

Room 9 = Libary
In the 9th floor, simply follow the maze, all the way to the red button. When you step on it, it will turns green. Then you’ll be able to collect your next piece.[soon]

Room 11 = Balcong
In the 11th floor, simply listen to what the status says about the smileys. The smileys are on the wall.
The first one will be smiley/smile.

The second one will be sad.

The third one will be winks.

The fourth one will be sick/ill

Now, you got your last piece! Go to the 2th floor, where the ghost catcher!

Room 12 = Storage
In the 12th floor, you only have to step on the green buttons, the ghost puffle will slowly go to the upper room…

Oh my, you have been kidnapped and the skip, the bellop has tricked us!

Don’t worry, theres only one way you can do. Simply throw the snowball at the electric box, that will get you out of the cage!

Oh no, you can’t get through it.

Now throw the snowball at the rubble where the woods are look-like falling toward the ghost.

YOU DID IT! The ghost has been sent free!

Gary’s Uncle will pop up a message for you.

CONGRATULATION! You have got the ghost puffle, after you saved the Gariwald and the ghost puffle! Adopt one, or you can get it more for free!

I named my ghost puffle – Spooky. Haha. What about you? (:

Pretty spooky huh? Now you got your ghost puffle for free!

Theres still more to be done, you just only have to collect the items.

Room 3 = Roof

Room 2 = Gym and Spa

The entire island




Mine Shack

Go inside of the School, you can see the picture of the vampire wearing a first beta hat, and anniversary party around it.

Underground pool:


Snow Forts:


Go inside of the Coffee Shop, you don’t wanna miss the anniversary 9th beta hat party! The color/colour of the beta hat is Red and Purple. Congratulation to those people who guessed it right before it came out! 🙂

Ski Hill:


The Beach:

Light House:

Enjoy with the Night of the Living Sled movies!
Living Sled 1 –

Living Sled 2 –

Living Sled 3 –

Living Sled 4 –

More will be coming soon! Be patient! Sadly, Club penguin didn’t bring back the Haunted House that was suppose to be in the Forest, and the Pumpkin patch in the Dock. Club penguin didn’t bring back the Halloween decorations in the Dance Club as well, but overall it’s a good party with all of these new Halloween stuff this year. l think this is better than last year!
-Kyle103 Third In Command
But, one more thing – I want to say this to you below.

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