Now I am quite sick of someone who somehow got Moderator on chat And he has been constantly Cursing and insulting me,

He somehow says I ruin fun by enforcing rules. This persons name is scream.



He has also been Abusing peachpincher and Rocky.



Apparently adding someone is personal info.



sorry for the small picture here,Lightshot was messed up for a min.

Peach 1


as you can see I had to go to acp chat to get peach,I waited about 5 mins until she came back from afk.

Now I also have 2 Questions, Who modded him and why, He isn’t mod Rank and he isn’t a Retired owner, and I’m damn sure he isn’t a cpac legend. So tell me why did he get mod as easy as Clicking your fingers. It is increadibly disrespectful to those who had to earn their rank.Why does he get special treatment from us?

Finally, the first time he came onto Our chat he was cyber bullying,cursing and spamming, and when I say cyberbullying I mean it. He was making fun of Guidocars name by spamming insults at it, after this i ended up banning him for 24 hours because I was sick of it and i tought he was just a troll.

I was thinking of either de-modding him forever or bannishing him, but I don’t want to make any decisions without knowing what you guys think about this, he is clearly breaking rules and he doesn’t deserve to be mod.

If you could all just leave an opinion, anonymous or not, you don’t have to reply to this but it would be great if you could.


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