Invasion of Fog [Results]

Hello Ice Warriors!

Tonight we invaded the server Fog from the Doritos of CP. We sweep DCP off their feet and completely destroyed them at this invasion. Our tactics were very superior and so was our room changing. Every time we switched rooms it took DCP about 2-3 minutes just to follow. By then we were already pumping out tactics and formations. We had a great day today so lets continue our winning streak!

Max 35

Average 30







Great job, Warriors.

We have proved that we are not an army to mess around with. The Ice Warriors have been picked on by other armies being called a “hype army”, “tournament army” and a “friends list army”.

We are NO longer that army. Each day we get hundreds of join apps, people joining from all different games. We double the size of every army in this community, and our chat is active 24/7 with real troops unlike DCP, ACP, and LT. We’ve built one of the strongest Ausia divisions in 1 week, the only army that can truly rival ACP’s Ausia. Our UK maxes 30 on a daily basis, and our US also hits 35+ on a daily basis . Together we have built a true WAR MACHINE and i can promise you one thing, the Ice Warriors are not here to fool around any longer.

This is a warning to every army in this community,

Winter is Coming.

Signing off,

~Andrew24 Leader of the Ice Warriors

5 Responses

  1. Attended 23/30 minutes


  2. I was there 😛


  3. I was there! We smashed DCP again, IW are the best!


  4. I came


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