Proof that the Doritos Multi-Log

Update: We were just given this picture of Mustapha claiming he DDoSed an IW owner, though we are unsure of its legitimacy.

Hello Ice Warriors,

We have suspected for a while that the DCP multi-log at events. Today a fatal mistake by the multi-logger has finally given us enough evidence to tell everyone about this.

Click “Read More” to see the evidence proving that DCP multi-log.

At today’s event DCP posted a normal results post which you can see by clicking here. As they will probably edit/delete this, see a copy on here. It looks perfectly normal. You can see that the screenshots were taken by two different penguins, Road King1 and Achilles119. Road King is Jester’s penguin, so that makes sense. Still looking normal right?

Take a closer look at those pictures though. Maybe open them in a new tab. You’ll notice something.

  • They were uploaded directly to the DCP site, so we know they came from a computer. If they were stored on an image host first, they would have just linked that image, not uploaded it first.

But maybe Jester downloaded the images from Achilles first and then uploaded them. It’s extremely unlikely and unnecessary, but maybe he did. Now let’s look at the file names…

screenshot-at-apr-04-15-29-00.png – taken by Achilles119

screenshot-at-apr-04-15-27-10.png – taken by Road King1

screenshot-at-apr-04-15-26-27.png – taken by Road King1

screenshot-at-apr-04-15-29-59.png – taken by Road King1

screenshot-at-apr-04-15-29-001.png – taken by Achilles119

screenshot-at-apr-04-15-28-17.png – taken by Achilles119

File names are all similar, meaning they were taken by the same program and saved to a computer before being uploaded.

You may also notice how in the first picture, Achilles is doing a tactic but not Road King. Then in the fourth, Road King is doing a tactic but not Achilles, and then the other way round for the fifth. It is, of course, difficult for Jester to do tactics on two penguins during such a laggy battle.

So what does all of this really prove?

  1. The pictures were uploaded to the DCP site, not taken from an external host like imgur or tinypic (which they would have been if a troop gave them to Jester).
  2. The file names are almost exactly the same, and were taken by the Lightshot screenshotting program. However, they were SAVED to the computer of the person who made the screenshot (uploaded images have a jibberish file name), and were then uploaded directly to the DCP site. This means that they had to be uploaded by the same person (Jester, as Road King is his penguin), as they came from the same source.
  3. Now that it’s been proved that the pictures came from Jester’s computer, why are the pictures taken by two penguins? The only answer is that Jester was logged into two penguins at the same time.

So the screenshots came from Jester’s computer and were taken by two different penguins, meaning he was multi-logging. They were then uploaded to the DCP site, completely skipping an external image host (which they would have to be uploaded to first if Achilles gave Jester the pictures).

Before DCP say they came from different people, let me just say this. If Achilles just happened to save the lightshot screenshots to his computer (in exactly the same way Jester does, what a coincidence) instead of uploading them straight away, how would he give those files to Jester without the file name changing? If you upload them to any image host, the file name would be changed to random letters and numbers. So in order for the file names to be the same, they would have had to not been uploaded to any image host. This proves the images came from the same computer without a doubt, meaning that it was Jester who logged on and took pictures on the Achilles account.

This section is written in red as this is being written after I completed the draft for this post, as DCP has continued to multi-log at the second battle. Take a look at DCP’s chat.

Then look at this.

Achilles119 is NOT on the DCP chat. Of course, it’s possible he just has a different name on xat. But do you really think it’s a coincidence that the penguin I proved is a multi-log isn’t on chat? And if you go and look in Achilles’ stamp book, he only has two stamps. Whilst usually this wouldn’t be enough evidence on its own, it is when combined with everything else.

Yet more evidence follows though. 

Isn’t is strange how Achilles follows Jester to the top of the berg before the order is even given to go there?

Achilles and Road King (Jester) also stood right next to each other in this picture. It could be a coincidence, but there’s too many coincidences for that to be the case.

I would like to say well done to DCP though. You didn’t take any screenshots of two windows like Elmikey did once. You didn’t use a penguin you used to own or anything else stupid. You even added the multi-log to the ranks to try and cover your tracks. But your one mistake was not changing the names of the screenshots, as that proved there were screenshots from two penguins taken by the same computer. Better luck next time 😉

tl;dr Doritos used screenshots taken by two penguins, but we proved those screenshots were taken on the same computer, meaning that person (Jester) multi-logged with those penguins. The other penguin also just happened to not be on DCP chat during an event, yet was always the first to follow an order (and at one point followed one before it was given). The penguins also stupidly stood next to each other a lot during the events.

Sir Pj

IW 3ic

14 Responses

  1. How dare they :@ Most hated army, definitely.


  2. Look at sir PJ the detective xP


  3. Lmfao, great eyes Pj! ily


  4. Pathetic, DCP. PJ caught em


  5. Well spotted PJ!


  6. Good job PJ bae ❤


  7. I have to admit it, sir PJ, you did great.


  8. DCP just got rekt by sherlock PJ! lol DCP are so stupid….


  9. Haha, this is great. Good job Sir PJ.


  10. nice sir pj


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