How did you discover armies?

Hello Ice Warriors,

First things first, today is my two year anniversary of joining armies! It’s been a crazy ride, and I’ve loved every part of it – especially the last 3 weeks in Ice Warriors.

Whilst I was thinking about this, I wondered how all of you found armies. Did you find it on twitter, Club Penguin, a xat chat, the Penguin Lodge chat? I personally found it through a CP Blog which had the Nachos army on their blogroll.

So, tell me how you found armies in the comments below. Most of you found it through CP recruiting, but I’m interested to see what some of you older members of the community have to say, as CP recruiting only became big in Summer 2013. And was Ice Warriors your first army, or was it something else?

Sir Pj

IW 2ic

12 Responses

  1. My father… Elmikey… He found me all alone in the plaza… I was naked… No clothes… No friends… Then elmikey saw me… Told me about Light Troops….
    I felt hope. There was free membership, there were friends, there was EVERYTHING! Eventually i grew up… Became a troop that i am today…. I made my father proud…. (sniff) He is so happy…
    Eventually Light Troops died, and i seeked help. Ice warriors had their hands open and let me in.

    (In other words i found out about it by recruiting.)


  2. How I found the CP armies: I was strolling by on fantage, when someone said to check out the IW(she was probably recruiting). So, I checked the site out and I decided to get a CP account because IW is a CP army.


  3. i kinda found armies on my first day in cp. some penguins where recruiting so i stopped to see what they where saying, and then i ignored them (big mistake). i ALWAYS saw recruiting penguins and i used to think to myself: “armies r so dumb i’ll never join.” but this was me as a seven year old, and seven year old me was a brat. so for the next 3 years i ignored all these recruiting penguins. the funny thing was, i had only ever seen one IW, and a ton of other armies. this year i saw another IW recruiting and i was REALLY bored, so i decided it woul be fun to give cp armies a try. i got the hang of it pretty quickly and now i can’t stop playing!


  4. i was recruited by LT, then i quit after waterkid grew REALLY crazy (a.k.a. power greedy). Then i came to IW.


  5. My story is close to the same as Toto’s. I use to just ignore those penguins that would just recruit. Normally, I wouldn’t look them up because their names were boring. But one day, I came across “The Ice Warriors.” From there, I joined, worked hard and now am standing as a proud IW mod. 😀


  6. Damn son, I’ve been in armies for 3 years.


  7. Before i joined IW i would go on other army websites but i didn’t join anything. I joined a army called the ninjas of cp. They were dead so i looked at the ally and enemy and saw Ice Warriors and i said what the heck ill join. So I joined and i’m glad. 🙂


    • Also i used to ignore the recruiting penguins and i went to all the major army websites accept for IW until i joined IW.


  8. Before I joined IW i used to ignore the recruiters. Then one day I stumbled upon ACP. Then I quit that army cause it was boring for me. Then i went to Golds Troops I thought i was going to stay and be happy there. But then they lost their chat so i left. Then I thought I was done with armies but then I was standing in the town and one penguin was recruiting for IW so i thought ill give it a try. Might not be as good as the others. But then i realized it was really good and now im happy here and now im here to stay. (Unless i get banned then ill leave but that probebly wont happen)


  9. Ive been in CP armies for 4-5 years. I dont recall what year through, but l am kinda in stuck with those years.


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